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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 9. Links - Country Specific and the Section: USA - Orginal Links

USA Reptile websites - overview (523 Links)

In our scouring of the internet we came across these reptile websites, relative to the USA and and share them with you here. The process of providing links to all the reptile related sites in the USA will be a never ending job, and what we have achieved to date is just a drop in the ocean. As traffic increases and as these pages are indexed by Yahoo and Google etc., we trust that website administrators and owners will provide their information to us. (For further details on this subject)  This will save us hours of research.

As there are going to be so many different links we had to give careful thought to how best to present and limit the duplication of data that we have already provided links to in other sections of this reptile portal. We therefore, adopted a slightly different approach to that which we used for the UK, Australia and Canada, which we published to date, by introducing two sections, titled USA by State and USA - by category.

USA by State

These links are presented under the 52 States of the United States. These links deal mainly with the following for each Sate.

Rescue organizations.
Herp. Societies and Clubs
Nature & Environment
Reptiles of the State
Academic Organizations
Retailers serving the local communities.
Government and Law relating to reptiles in the State

USA - by category

These links are generally of a national or international nature or interest and are not limited or exclusive to the State. This obviously involves a lot of subjective assessment on our part. If the we found the site content to be above average and of interest to any visitor, we placed links under both the "USA by State" as well as the "USA - by category" sections.

Secondly we refer users to other sections of our we we have dealt with the subject matter such as Venomous Snakes.

The category headings are as follows:-

These headings include the following:-

Academic Research
Educational Websites
Reptile Forums
Gov Authorities & Legal
Herp. Soc. & Clubs
Herp. Vets
Reptile Publications
Reptile Websites (NES) (Not elsewhere specified)
Rescue & Protection
Traders : Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites
Traders : Breeders: USA & Canada only
Traders : Breeders: local & export
Traders : Retailers: USA & Canada only
Traders : Retailers: local & export
Traders : Wholesale: USA & Canada only
Traders : Wholesale: local & export
Zoos & Parks

Some further notes.

Breeders, Retailers and Wholesale traders

We have already provided links to the above in our by species section, and Reptile traders. We will have to review these links over time and decide if they should remain or be re-listed under this section. Our intension is to list all breeders, traders and Wholesales who ship reptiles within the USA & Canada, separately from those that undertake exports, and and within each we will attempt to categorize the listed links under the Genus that is the main focus of the relative business. We will see how this pans out.

We came across some sites that provided extensive links to information and we have linked to them rather than rehash what has already been provided. We have found other that have not checked their links and every second one fails. We have not linked to these sites.

I hope you find the work we have done to date helpful and that the browsing experience is more pleasurable. Please email your feedback as this will assist us planning future developments


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Last update : 01/04/2007