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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 9. Links - Country Specific and the Section: European Economic Community(NES)

Introduction and Index : European Economic Community(NES)

In this section on : European Economic Community(NES) we present articles and links relative to all the good quality reptile websites that we have located to date. These are listed under the site name and detail, to facilitate the ease of selection, and whcih are as follows:


By default all links listed hereunder, open in a new page.

1. EEC Reptile Websites : Introduction
An introduction to this section.
A well contected breeder of morph Boas and Pythons.
Amphibians and Reptiles of Europe
The aim of this work is to provide a large iconographic sample of European Amphibians and Reptiles. Come back soon! New pictures and data are frequently added (check the What's new page).
Austrian (Eng) - Breeder community
People in europe are more and more interested in reptiles.
So we join together to a breeder community, for presenting our own reptiles, captive breds and future projects.
Baron Kelly - Milano, Italia
Python Regius, Boa Constrictor, Python Molurus
CB - Italy
High Quality Captive Bred Reptiles - translated by Google on Pythons (GTB) & Boas(ETB)
Private breeder of Pythons and Boas
Endemic Snakes of Cyprus
The island is better known for its snakes, which can be seen moving purposefully through the undergrowth in spring and autumn.
They hibernate in winter and are less active in summer. The more common varieties include:
European Garter Snake Association
Freek Nuyt Reptiles - Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
We are a professional breeding station specializing in the captive propagation of Boids, in our collection you will find some truly amazing animals, all of our breeder stock has been carefully selected over the years both on looks and genetic background ensuring some of the finest looking animals of the specific species and/or morph whenever possible unrelated to each other making sure we have breeding groups of unrelated breeders guaranteeing strong healthy offspring.
Herpetofauna of Europe
Welcome to Jeroen Speybroeck's website, dedicated to European amphibians and reptiles in the wild. Please use the menu at the left to navigate.
Note that some pages or files might -depending on the speed of your connection to the www- take some time downloading, as they often contain many pictures.
Herpetology of Bolivia
Amphibians Reptiles Herpetologists PDF Mixed Guestbook Forum Links
Home of European Field Herpetology
We're a couple of Swedes with a strong interest in European Field Herpetology, i.e. we like to travel all across Europe to study frogs, lizards, newts, salamanders, turtles, tortoises, snakes, geckos and chameleons in their natural habitats.
Little Snakes - Paris ( Corns)
Today we possess eleven corn snakes and two boa constrictors imperator.
In the meantime, we came to the idea of creating this site, but why, since there already are many of them on the net ? Well, in order to share our passion with you.
M&S - online supply
Online dealer in many species and accessories.
Welcome to
On this website you can view lots of pictures of our Boa's, Python's, Morphs, other species and available; for example baby's, which are for sale. For more information please feel free to contact us:
I am Balázs Roland Ferencz, reptile breeder. I specialize in breeding snakes of the genus Morelia and other rare boids. The articles and pictures published on this site are always about the actually breeding boas and pythons, so major updates are to be expected mostly in the spring and the summer.
NH Reptiles - France (Pythons and monitors from AU)
Welcome on www.nhreptiles The website of NHREPTILES Breeders of quality boas, pythons and monitors. We hope you enjoy the site. Please contact us if you need any informations on our animals
Nicks Reptiles - Spain (breeder, pics - boas, pythons, colubrids)
width="356" height="54">

Nicks Reptiles - herpetological appreciation. Photographs of captive bred boas, pythons and colubrids. Breeder in Spain.

Rare - Torgiano (PG), Italy
RAREBOAS.COM works on producing the best looking animals from a very diversified collection and form several unrelated bloodlines. Look at our latest developments in Boa Morphs and latest addition to the collection !
Rare - Holland
Welcome to the Rare-Reptiles Site Here at Rare-Reptiles we have a nice (breeding-)collection of snakes and other reptiles. We try to specialize in breeding and collecting some of the most rare and difficult reptile species in the world. In little numbers we import them and mostly we export captivebreed worldwide.
Ratsnakes of Europe and Asia
Ratsnakes of Europe and Asia by Bonnie J. Keller. Nice article with some good background.
Reptie-Farm - NL - in English - Tons on info on Brearded Dragons
Welcome to the website of Reptie-Farm.
This site is about The Bearded Dragon (Pogona Vitticeps).
Reptiles & Amphibians of France
Welcome, this web site treats the reptiles and amphibians of France. The site started in late 2004 and was very different, only dealing with reptiles of the Corbičres which is my local region in southern France, it grew to Reptiles of France and then onto Reptiles & Amphibians of France.
Reptiles in Spain
There are at least 45 species of land and freshwater reptiles in Spain (the number is under debate). click here for a Checklist of reptiles in Spain and the Canaries (65 species in total) - in English
Welcomely on Swiss Snake Website of Werner Strassmann!
Here you experience everything over poisonous snakes, innocuous snakes and much more besides
Snakes of Europe by G.A. Boulenger (2MB PDF)
A Good read
The Herpetological Society of Finland

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Last update : 20/05/2007