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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 9. Links - Country Specific and the Section: 1. Overview

Links to reptile websites by Country

To date we have published the links to reptile websites in Australia, Canada, UK (United Kingdom) and the USA, as well as providing links to various other countries.

Our intentions in this section are to provide links to reptile websites by country. The links in each country are divided into various sub-headings, so that the selection of the required subject matter is easy to find. One may well ask why not just use Google, MSN, Yahoo or one of the other many search engines. Well, when you have spent as much time extracting information on reptiles, as we have, you will realize that it much be one of the most inefficient ways of finding a comprehensive listing on any specific subject, every invented. Sites are listed on day and not the next. The more you search for a subject the better the results. We have yet to find a directory service that we would like to emulate or admire. So although we are not the biggest reptile information portal in the world (yet), we trust you will find our services useful.

Our work in progress country is the reptile websites of the USA (Unites States of America). As this is such a large project, we have dealt with the links by arranging them under a section for the  52 States as well as the country by category.

We would welcome participation in getting these links updated. If you are the owner or webmaster of a reptile related website we would appreciate an email with the URL details, as this will save hours of research that we are doing at the moment.

Each link that we provide can also display a banner,  as well as a brief description of the content of the website. However, although the listing is totally free, for these features we would request a reciprocal link to our site.

We are not sold on the webring or link exchange systems that exist, as they do no seem to provide access, on a subject related basis and therefore, are of little use to websites that are generally not that popular or the users who are searching for the unusual. The popularity has nothing to do with content. Why would you want to rank a Ball Python Forum and a breeder of morph Angolan Pythons on the same basis?. (Do not bother looking for this breeder.. I don't he exists!. But we do have all the known breeders of Angolan Pythons in our Species Specific section).

We will continue with our attempts to keep the speed of access as high as possible, but in the long run we will are seeking sponsors for each country, as band width usage will start becoming a telling factor in maintaining the service.

I hope you find the work we have done to date helpful and that the browsing experience is more pleasurable. Please email your feedback as this will assist us planning future developments.


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Last update : 01/04/2007