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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 40. Venomous Snakes- Species and the Section: Vipers - African Bush Vipers

Introduction and Index : Vipers - African Bush Vipers

In this section on : Vipers - African Bush Vipers we present articles and links relative to Sp. Atheris.


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1. Bush viper (Atheris squamigera) - (good pics of)
Bush viper (Atheris squamigera) This viper needs to be sprinkled several times a week, because they don't drink from a bowl. This species is polymorphic. Specimens can be green, blue, orange, yellow, red, etc. or a combination of these colors. The 'normal' form is green but the former name 'Green bush viper' is a little confusing because of all other variations.
1. (good pics of Bush Vipers)
I am just a guy who wants to offer the best in captive bred bushvipers and maybe a few other reptiles. I've been at this for 14 years or so and in the last 5 years have really changed my goals to breeding and raising animals up to breeding size.
2. Breeding Bush Vipers -
Breeding Two Bush Viper Species: (Atheris squamigera) & (Atheris chlorechis)
Bush vipers have recently become quite popular in the pet trade and this is due, in part, to the numerous captive breedings done by their keepers. With more CB babies available more and more people are succumbing to the allure of these attractive snakes.
3. African Bush Vipers - World Of Atheris - by Michael Jacobi
Welcome to the World Of Atheris internet reference to the bush vipers and kin authored by Michael Andreas Jacobi.
4. Bush Vipers by Derek Morgan
The purpose of this webpage is to provide online information about the care and propagation of some of the species of Atheris, or bush vipers. It seems as if there is little information on the web concerning these snakes even though some of them are readily available for sale on the market.
4. Tree Viper Basics by Derek Morgan
Tree Viper Basics from John LePage
photo by Derek Morgan
Hosted by
5. Bristly bush viper ( Atheris hispida ) - Tanja Lubetzki
Bristly bush viper (Atheris hispida)
Captive acre and pictures.
5. Usambara bush viper (Atheris ceratophora) - Tanja Lubetzki
Usambara bush viper (Atheris ceratophora)
Captive acre and pictures.
6. A peek into Dan's world - Photos by M.D.Kern
Picture Gallery
9. EMBL database - Species : Atheris
Not currently available.

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Last update : 20/05/2007