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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 10. Natural Environment and the Section: What is the future for Herp Keeping

. We need representation - Join a Herp Club NOW!


Understand that the reptile keeping industry is being threatened by activists who are well organised and well funded. These people do not understand rational thought and that we, the reptile keepers, are not the threat to reptiles, and if anything, the only way to create interest and protection.

I think we have provided links to most of the reptile clubs and associations in South Africa. These are listed on this web site under "9. Links - General" and "Societies, Clubs & experts: RSA". If any are missing please let us know. Contact us.

These clubs and associations need your urgent support. The increased membership will help in a number of ways. The more people are involved and the more expertise that can be made available to the committees, will assist in having well run and organised clubs that actively promote the hobby. 


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Last update : 01/04/2007