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Species page for: Tortoises - General information


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Tortoises - General information. The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about 1. Tortoises - General information

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Arfican (Cape) - natural habitate by SCARCE

The tortoise species profiles were prepared by Ernst Baard (CapeNature). Species occurring in the GCBC: Angulate tortoise Common Padloper, Parrot-beaked Tortoise Southern Speckled Padloper Namaqualand Tent Tortoise Bushmanland Tent Tortoise

Southern Africa's Tortoise Clan - By Karl H. Switak

Reptile No other region on earth houses a greater diversity of tortoises than the subcontinent of Africa. This area includes the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and the Republic of South Africa.

Captive Care
Feeding Tortoises and Turtles - Provet

Health and care of Desert Tortoises -

Desert Tortoise ? Tortoise Diseases/General ? Tortoise Diseases/Parasitic ? . Tortoise Diseases/Infections ? Tortoise Care ? Tortoise Health ? Tortoise Feeding ? Tortoise Reproduction Tortoise Hibernation ? Tortoise in the Wild ? Tortoise Legality

How should a Tortoise or Turtle be housed?

South African Tortoises-Angulates and Hingebacks Russians (Testudo horsfieldii) Greeks (Testudo graeca, ibera, hermanni, marginata) Leopards (Geochelone pardalis) Sulcatas (Geochelone sulcata) Egyptian Tortoises (Testudo kleinmanni) Desert Tortoises-Gopherus (Xerobates) agassizii Asian Species Predator Proofing/Protection From Dogs Box (Terrapene-North American) Turtles Ponds for Aquatic Turtles Pancake Tortoises

Rearing Healthy Tortoise Hatchlings - Melissa Kaplan

The following guide-lines have been developed and tested over 8 years with a variety of species including Testudo graeca, T. hermanni, T. ibera, T. marginata, T. horsfieldi, Geochelone pardalis, G. sulcata, G. (Chelonoidis) carbonaria, G. (C). denticulata, G. (C). chilensis and Geochelone gigantea.

Safer hibernation and your Tortoise -

It gives us considerable pleasure to be able to introduce you to this, the 5th and completely revised edition of "Safer Hibernation & your Tortoise". In the past 10 years over 70,000 copies of the previous editions have been distributed to tortoise owners in Europe, and a very great many lives have been saved as a direct result. It is my hope that this new edition for the United States will achieve similar success.

The Sulcata and Leopard Tortoise

The African Tortoise site was created to provide a knowledge base for Sulcata and Leopard Tortoises keepers. The focus of this site, is to create a better understanding of these unique and often misunderstood animals. This information was amassed from experienced breeders and keepers and published references.

Breeders & Retailers
Go here for more links on Breeders and Retailers listed by country.

Canada Australia South Africa UK USA

Bay State Reptiles - USA

Buy a - UK

Lots of info on supplies, care, food etc.

Care Centre - Care of African Tortoises by species

These pages are not aimed at professionals, but rather at the everyday keeper who is looking for basic information on how to keep South African tortoises without being bogged down by technical jargon. General Tortoise Caresheet Tortoise Information By Species Common Do's and Don'ts First Aid for the Injured Common Diseases Understanding Worms and Protozoa Medicinal Plants

The Tortoise Shop

Les White has meticulously cared for, and maintained, several colonies of differing species of tortoise within the UK since the early 1970's. In the spring of 2002 Les turned this lifelong hobby into a full time business venture, breeding his own home bred babies for sale, as well as retailing additional tortoises and products.

Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photography

African Tortoises

More Info.
British Chelonia Group

Aims: 1) To provide chelonia keepers with the support needed to ensure that their captive animals receive quality husbandry. 2) To raise funds from members, and from the public, to finance chelonia rescue, research and conservation projects worldwide. 3) To discourage the importation and purchase of wild caught specimens, in favour of responsible captive breeding.


Hatchling Haven

The focus of this web site is the captive indoor husbandry of tortoise hatchlings. I wish to stress that all of the opinions that are stated here are my own. Also that the maintenance of tortoises outdoors is superior to indoor no matter how detailed the environment. Unfortunately many of us do not live in California, Florida, Texas, South Africa or Southern Europe. This is what works for me. I have no intent of implying that another's methods are inferior or will not work.

Shell-Rot Revisited - by A. C. Highfield

Shell-rot is a generic term which describes the visible effects of bacterial, fungal or even algal (in aquatic species) diseases of a tortoise's or turtle's shell. These diseases often follow damage or abrasions, even those that are seemingly minor in extent.

The Tortoise House

captive care of Tortoises in the UK. Good conent covering:- Edible Plant List, Leopards in the UK, Russians in the UK, Spur Thighed in the UK, Rehoming, Incubators, Enclosures, Hibernation.

Tortoise - care, conservation & protection

Our mission: To provide the best husbandry information available To campaign for tortoise & turtle conservation worldwide To actively support conservation programs To educate keepers and professionals in correct husbandry To promote research for the benefit of tortoises and turtles To offer rehoming facilities to tortoises & turtles in need To promote the humane treatment of tortoises and turtles

Other Info.
A "Tortoise's" race against extinction

CITES info on Tortoises

CITES listing on the following: African Spurred Tortoise African Tent Tortoise Aldabra Giant Tortoise Angulated Tortoise Geometric Tortoise Karoo Cape Tortoise Leopard Tortoise Parrot-beaked Tortoise Radiated Tortoise Serrated Star Tortoise

California Turtle & Tortoise Club - major link provider

California Turtle & Tortoise Club's guide to turtle and tortoise resources

Tortoise Shack - breeding to conserve - lots of info

The Tortoise Shack is a non-profit tortoise organization run by animal-experienced handlers. We specialize in breeding tortoises of many different species for reestablishing repopulation purposes. Our main goal is to introduce exotic tortoises and their offspring that have been captive bred at our facilities into A.Z.A accredited zoos or facilities. All tortoise preservation facilities must meet our Director's needs for admission into our Animal Forwarding Plan. We do not sell any animals for any reason.

Tortoise Identification : Guidelines to Identify Land Tortoises
Below are links to some descriptions and pictures of some species of land tortoises, over time I will improve, add new species to the lists. For the UK the species held (no species are indigenous to the UK) are most likely to be Spur Thighed tortoises, Hermann's tortoises or Marginated tortoises if they are long term captives, if they are not long term captive then the species commonly sold by reptile dealers in the last few years are Russian, Leopard, Spurred, Red footed, Yellow footed or hinge backed tortoises.


Books on this species or genus


We have many other species documented in similar fashion which are listed on our home page, in the 8. Links - Species Specific section.

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