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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 8. Links - Species Specific and the Section: Turtle and Tortoise

Introduction and Index : Turtle and Tortoise

In this section on : Turtle and Tortoise we present articles and links relative to information on Turtles, Tortoises. and Terrapins. As some sites deal with only Tortoises or Turtles we have have catered for those sites separately. So please view,either of the two that have a bearing on your current interest. The relevant pages are:

Index to species specific section : Tortoises

Index to species specific section : Turtles

We have dealt with some of the more popular species that are kept as pets in detail on separate pages, under various topics such as natural habitate, captive care, habitat, breeders, pictures etc.


By default all links listed hereunder, open in a new page.

1. More info on Tortoises and Turtles
Varoius links with a number relating to the captive care (Care Sheets) of various species.
California Turtle and Tortoise Club
A Society Dedicated to Turtle & Tortoise Preservation, Conservation and Education Since 1964
Empire of the Turtle -FL, USA
Over 40 species of captive bred turtles and tortoises. All produced by the Empire of the Turtle.
Hibernation Guidelines for Turtles and Tortoises
Hibernation Guidelines for Turtles and Tortoises
1994, 2002 Paula Morris. Originally published in The Bridge, September 1994
Hibernation is nature's mechanism to protect its cold-blooded creatures (and some warm-blooded animals as well) in cold weather or when food and water are scarce.
Nutrition of Turtles and Tortoises
Turtles, tortoises and terrapins are all in the group known as chelonians. They all possess a shell. The term tortoise is usually used to refer to terrestrial turtles in the United States, but we do have a few that stay predominately on the land, but are referred to as turtles, for example, the box turtle and the North American wood turtle. As they are such a diverse group of animals, it would be expected that the different species would have widely diverse diets.
Outdoor Enclosures for Your Turtles and Tortoises
When constructing an outdoor pen for your turtles or tortoises, the most important thing to consider is security. You want your pets to stay in, and predators to stay out. Both are capable of climbing over and digging under inadequate enclosures, so you'll need to think ahead.
Turtle Net - basic guide to terrapin care
This website is designed as a basic guide to terrapin care. To the left you'll find links to different areas of the website. If you are not familiar with caring for pet turtles, please click on "Basics" for an overview. If you are in need of particular information, please choose one of the other categories.
Turtle and Tortoise Shell Repair
This is an overview of the process used to repair chelonian shells that have been fractured or damaged by infection; there is another document that covers the treatment of shell rot. This is not intended to be a "do-it-yourself" manual but more what you should expect when you take such a turtle or tortoise to an experienced veterinarian for treatment.
Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins - Guide to
Covers subjects such as:
African Sulcata Tortoise
Anatomy & Diseases of the Shell
Common Bacterial Infections
Feeding Recommendations
Husbandry & Proper Environment
Interesting Turtle Facts
Internal Parasites
Red-eared Slider: Care & Feeding of This Common Pet Turtle
Saving the American Box Turtle
Turtle, Tortoise or Terrapin?
Turtles as Pets: Important Issues
Vitamin A Deficiency (Hypovitaminosis A)
World Chelonian Trust
314 species or subspecies in 95 of the 100 known Genera are now pictured in the Galleries, 1712 total photos.

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Last update : 20/05/2007