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Species page for: Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis)


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis). The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis)

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Dumerilís Ground Boas by Akron Zoo - Akron, OH

DUMERIL'S GROUND BOA (Acrantophis dumerili) Location: southwestern Madagascar Habitat: dry, open, deciduous forests Dumerilís ground boas are greyish brown with black markings. They have vertical pupils. Their amazing coloration allows them to hide perfectly among the leaf litter of the forest floor. Juveniles have a slight pinkish coloration in their scales. The size of an average adult is 5 feet, but they can reach lengths of 8 feet.

Madagascar ground boa (Acrantophis madagascariens) -

This beautifully patterned boa constrictor is Madagascar's largest snake (4). With diamond-like markings on its back (5), in subtle shades of brown and orange, this species is perfectly camouflaged in the leafy environment of the forest floor (4). The Madagascar ground boa is a member of the Boidae family, characterised by large, non-poisonous snakes that often appear to have claws that are in fact vestigial hind limbs (6).

The Biological Wealth of an Impoverished Country

Among Madagascar's 80 types of snakes--all non-poisonous--are three boas, whose closest relatives are found in South America (Burger and Price 1996). They are thought to be among the island's most ancient inhabitants, resident since the early breakup of Gondwana (Preston-Mafham 1991). All are considered Vulnerable by the IUCN (Hilton-Taylor 2000): Dumeril's Boa (Acrantophis dumerili), Madagascar Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis), and the Madagascar Tree Boa (Sanzinia madagascariensis). The first two are Madagascar's largest snakes, reaching almost 6 feet in length; Dumeril's Boa is restricted to the south and southwest, while the Madagascar Boa is found in the north and northeast (Preston-Mafham 1991).

Woodland Park Zoo - Dumeril's Boa Fact Sheet

Classification and Range Dumeril's boas occur only on the island of Madagascar, one of the world's biggest islands, located in the Indian Ocean to the east of Africa. They belong to the family of snakes Boidae, which contains the world's largest snake species, including pythons, boas and anacondas. The family Boidae is divided into several subfamilies. Dumeril's boas belong to the subfamily Boinae. The species was named after the 19th century French naturalist A. M. C. Dumeril. Dumeril's boas are closely related to the familiar boa constrictor of Latin America.

Captive Care
Basic captive care of the Dumerils Ground Boa - reptileallsorts

Common Name: Dumeril's Ground Boa Scientific Name: Acrantophis dumerili Distribution: Southwest Madagascar Size: 4' - 7' NATURAL HABITAT : This terrestrial Snake inhabits the dry forests of Southwest Madagascar. In captivity a large vivarium of at least 60" x 36" x 24" is recommended for the adults of this species. BEHAVIOUR : This boa can be quite Aggressive. Usually quite a nervous snake. Most will usually tame down with regular handling. When handling large snakes always have at least one other person in attendance.

Dumeril's Boa Care Sheet by Mark Chapple.

Dumeril Boas are a native of Madagascar, an large island off the east coast of Africa. There are three species of boas native to the island and Acrantophis Dumerilli or Dumeril's Boa is one. The others are A. Madagascariensis or the Madagascar Ground Boa and Sanzinia Madagascariensis or the Madagascar Tree boa.

Dumeril's Care Sheets. -

Dumeril's Boas are a species of snakes native to only Madagascar. Years ago these animals were captured and imported into the pet Overview of Dumeril's Natural Habitattrade in the United States. This practice did not last very long due to Madagascar stopping nearly all exportation of its native species for the pet trade.

Breeders & Retailers
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Canada Australia South Africa UK USA

Dumeril - Canada

Dumeril's boas, Acrantophis dumerili, are medium sized snakes from Madagascar. They are not a very demanding species to keep. They used to be very difficult to obtain - they are listed as protected species and basically impossible to import. Thanks to captive breeding in recent years, and the drop in price, these attractive species are now available to average snake enthusiast in North America.

Jeff Favelle - Dumeril's Boas

Dumeril's Boas, recently put into the genus Boa, are mid-sized terrestrial boas from the island of Madagascar. Stocky boas with squarish heads, Dumeril's require pretty much the same care as common boas, and are just as hardy! A little more pricy, but definitely worth it, as the intricate pattern of oranges, browns, purples, and whites is nothing short of breath-taking. On of my favorite Boas to work with, Dumeril's cannot legally be imported or exported without serious paperwork (which has surely added to their price). And that's why I like these guys; I don't have to compete with the wild trade, as there isn't one!

John Skipper Reptiles - USA - Dumeril's

John Skipper Reptiles is the result of our unceasing passion and fascination with reptiles. Although our collection is somewhat diverse, the boas have always been John's favorite of the snake species. Over the past seven years, beginning with our Arabesque boa project, our focus has turned primarily towards the breeding and refinement of investment quality boas and pythons. We are selectively breeding several of the most sought after boas and pythons on the market today.

Okie - Dumeril's Boas

Prehistoric - Dumeril's & Sanzinia madagascariensis

The history of Prehistoric Pets begins in 1988 when an ex-fisherman named Jay Brewer and his wife Becky opened a pet store in Fountain Valley, CA. The store was called Pet Country, and while stocking a variety of pets and pet supplies, the store was one of the first in the area to stock a large supply of reptiles. Pet Country began circulating a nationwide price list and soon adopted the slogan "The Reptile Leaders".

Rancho de las - Dumeril's & Madagascar Ground Boa

Regius Co. - Canada - Dumeril's & Madagascan Ground Boa

RegiusCo, was forged out of a friendship between Michael Perry (Hiss and Hers Pythons) and Marc Bouchard (Selectively Bred Serpents), sharing a common passion for keeping reptiles and combining over 30 years of herpetocultural experience.

Reptile - Sweden - Madagascan Ground Boa

We are a company located in the middle of Sweden.Our main interest is working with rare morphs of Boas and Pythons.We take great pride in working with top quality reptiles,from wellknown breeders around the world.We only sell captive breed animals in good health and wellstarted.

Dumeril's Boa - Hypomelanistic babies

Dumeril's Boa - - excellent photos

Dumeril's Boa -

Madagascar Ground Boa -

Madagascar Ground Boa - Eastern

Madagascar Ground Boa - Image

Madagascar ground boasPhotos of some of our giant breeders and some babies

Madagascar Ground Boa -

Our Pics of Madagascan Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis)

A few in pictures of one of the specimens we have in captivity.

z - Google - search "Dumerils Ground Boa" images

More Info.
CITES info and Pics

Clay Davenport on Dumeril's Boas (Acrantophis dumerili)

Dumeril's boas are a beautiful and interesting snake from Madagascar. Not overly large, and calm in temperment, they make fine pets for the novice keeper. Neonates posses beautiful hues of peach and pink and are exceptionally pretty snakes. Some adults retain a degree of this coloration while others lose most of it. The pattern however still results in a beautiful snake whether the coloration is retained or not.

Climatic Data of Madagascar

Use longitude to latitude on main map to plot position of unmarked weather stations. Note dry south (Dumerili's and wetter north (Ground Boa)

Dumeril's Boa - John Hollister

Dumeril's boas are native to Madagascar. My current colony of Dumeril's boas is 4.7, from 4 different strains. Interestingly, the babies shed as they are born, sloughing both skin and egg sac. I have to fish around in the bedding to find them. Unlike most neonates, they have made no offer to bite, hiss or strike. Wonderful snakes. I feel that these are an excellent species for both beginners and advanced keepers. They don't get very large, usually 4.5-5 feet for breeding size. Some eventually get to 6-7 feet. The babies are around 18-20 inches at birth. Although they attack food, it is a rarity to be bitten by one, even neonates.

Other Info.
Wild - Madagascar Ground Boa

EMBL Database - Acrantophis


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