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Species page for: Iguana


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Iguana. The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Iguanas

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Green Iguanas: The Basics

Origin of Green Iguanas
Green iguanas originate from the rain forests of northern Mexico to southeastern Brazil where the temperatures and humidity are high. Iguanas live in the trees and bask in the sun. They eat only vegetation: up to 50 different kinds of leaves, flowers, and fruits. Their captive environment must duplicate this as much as possible.

Captive Care
Beginner's Guide to Pet Iguanas

Hi! I'm Steve Ford ("I'm not an expert, but I talk like one") and this is my iguana care guide for new iguana owners. It is intended to be short enough to be read at one sitting. It should get you started on the right track, but you will need to obtain more complete information as time goes on.

Captive Care of the Giant Green Iguana

By Edward M. Craft Introduction: The (giant) green iguana is an arboreal (tree living), diurnal (daytime active), lizard that is found in Central and South America. It is by far the most popular of all reptile species currently being kept in captivity. These lizards are herbivorous (plant eating) and require a plant diet that is high in Calcium and low in Phosphorus.

Care of the Green Iguana - Valley Vets Limited

The green iguana (Iguana Iguana) is one of the most frequently purchased reptiles, but is unfortunately also the most frequently seen reptile in the veterinary surgery due to disease caused by inadequate diet and husbandry. The owner is not often given proper information as to the needs of the Iguana when the pet is acquired.

Caring for Captive Green Iguanas

Welcome to Caring for Captive Green Iguanas. Whether you currently have a green iguana in your family, or are just getting started with research, this site will help you become aware of the responsibilities and joys of having a green iguana in your home. Click a link below to get started.

General Care of Green Iguanas -

Green iguanas are very popular pets. They are perhaps one of the most misunderstood and poorly kept of all reptile pets. They can reach considerable size. Recorded weights and lengths of adult male iguanas have been as much as 20 pounds and 7 feet respectively.

Green Iguana Care and Information (GICI)

Introduction to Iguanas Are You Ready for an Iguana? updated! Behavior Nutrition updated! Buy VS Adopt Anatomy Links Health Requirements Forum Chat

Health and care of Iguanas -

Selecting An Iguana ? Iguana Emergencies ? Iguana Diseases ? Iguana Care ? Iguana Health ? Iguana Feeding ? Iguana Grooming ? Iguana Hygiene ? Iguana Behavior

Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection - Melissa Kaplan

If you are looking for a simple, quick, all-inclusive article on green iguana care on one page or less, you won't find it here. You won't find it anywhere because there is no such thing, not if your intent is to take care of your iguana properly.


Welcome to my Iguana Jungle. I'm "MIKE" and I'll be your tour guide. Here you will find detailed information on how to care for iguanas.

Iguanas for life - Caring for Green Iguanas

This is an introduction for the experienced to use as reference or the inexperienced to use as simple guidelines. Let s begin our tutorial now....

Keeping and Caring for Iguanas by Lenny Flank

All you need to know to care for your green iguana. Housing, feeding, taming.

Love My Iguanas - Green Iguana

Caring For Your Green Iguana-I am more than happy to answer your questions through email, but first please read my care guide below, you will probably find the answers you are looking for right here. Introduction Any information or advice on iguanas that you follow (including mine) that is not obtained by a licensed professional, you are using at your own risk. The care guide that I have written is the guide that I have been following for the last seven or so years. I am only a reptile hobbyist, not a veterinarian, zoologist, etc. so please keep that in mind. I cannot guarantee that your iguana will live to be 20 years old and 7 ft. long if you follow my guide because I am not a trained professional and that would be unlawful. I can guarantee that I have two beautiful 5 ft. long, very healthy, happy iguanas that live comfortably under the conditions I will share with you in my other information sections. My care guide comes from a combination of information I receive from my veterinarian and numerous books and articles I have read on iguana care. Feel free to bring my information to an experienced reptile veterinarian before you follow any of it. My care guide will give you the basics on iguana care. Use it along with recently published books and a good reptile veterinarian. My links page also offers links with great information. Good Luck to you and your iguanas!

The Iguana Pages -

Welcome to The Iguana Pages! I created this site in order to give my iguana information pages a centralized home base. After all, it's all information about the same animal family (actually, eight separate families - read The Iguanids for details), so you might as well be able to visit one web site and have it all available right there.

Butterflies for Africa

Inside the Butterfly House is our green iguana enclosure - home to Smeagol and Deagol. The green iguana is a tree-living and daylight-active lizard usually found at elevations below 3,000 feet in tropical and subtropical regions from northern Mexico to central South America.

More Info.

Information on the care & dietary requirements of the Green Iguana, Site contains Video's, Photo's, printable FAQs sheets, Care sheets, & General infomation.

Monty's Iguana Resource Site (RSA)

Welcome to Monty's Iguana Resource Site, I am a green iguana who lives in South Africa and this site is mainly about me (Monty!!) but there is alot of other interesting resources on this site as the name implies.

Napoleon The Iguana's Home Page -

This page contains the story of Napoleons rescue from a pet store in Sept. of 1996 and onward. Napoleon was a very sick lizard when we got him, and I've detailed the kind of rehab care that he had to go through to become the strong healthy iguana that he is today. Along the way I've learned a lot about iguana care, behaviour, intelligence and what a wonderful entertaining creature an iguana really is. I hope you enjoy his story and learn more about iguana care from this site.

National Iguana Awareness Day: NIAD

Green Iguana Care information In this section learn some basics about diet and supplies, see my list of links to great iguana care websites, and learn about a few of the books written about iguana care.

The Iguana Spot

Within each of the main heading below you will find an assortment of articles/webpages relating to that particular topic. We strongly suggest heading to each section's main page first but you do always have the option of clicking directly on any article.

Other Info.
Canadian Green Iguana Society

On these Sites you will find informations about keeping and breeding iguanas of Cyclura ( Rockiguana), Brachylophus (fiji iguana) , Iguana spec. (Green Iguana ) and Sauromalus (Chuckwallas)

Henry - posing lizard photo's

LIZARD POSING PHOTO FACTS: Henry photographs his pet lizards in human like poses because they are comfortable with it and because it raises conscious love for lizard life on the planet. ALL of these lizards are certainly REAL, ALIVE and PERFECTLY HEALTHY. NO tricks of any kind are ever used for any poses or photographs


Books on this species or genus


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