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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 8. Links - Species Specific and the Section: Lizards: Iguanas

Introduction and Index : Lizards: Iguanas

In this section on : Lizards: Iguanas we present articles and links relative to


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8. Iguana
Our presentation of links on the species, arranged under the headings:- Natural Habitat, Captive care(care sheets), Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.
9. Forum : Iguana Zone
A forum for Iguana keepers.
Egg Retention in Green Iguanas- Reptile Magazine
Ovulation with the subsequent egg laying is often fraught with medical problems. Reproduction in the iguana is complicated, involving the interplay between temperature, light cycles, humidity, season, availability of adequate nesting sites and more. Although iguanas are often sold as a "beginner pet," they are not.
Green Iguana Society
The Green Iguana Society Team members are located throughout the United States and volunteer their time and services online. We try to answer all emails within 48 hours of their receipt.
Iguana - care & dietary requirements
Must be your first port of call for information on the Green Iguana. Comprehensive coverage of various topics on their care.
Iguana and Iguana Cages Information
Care sheets, information and cage requirments.
Iguanas & Other Lizards - Guide to
Iguanas and other lizards come in a remarkable range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Although all are cold-blooded, their environmental and nutritional needs differ. - Care of the Green Iguana
The green iguana seems to possess an intelligence not usually seen among reptiles. Iguanas can become quite tame and often will interact with their owners. Often, they're content to ride around on their owners' shoulders, and appear to delight in being rubbed or scratched gently.

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Last update : 20/05/2007