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Last updated : 11/03/2007

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Species page for: Tokay Gecko


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Tokay Gecko. The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Tokay Gecko

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Lizards of Southeast Asia : Tokay Gecko

A large, stunning gecko familiar to millions of Southeast Asia's rural dwellers; this species commonly takes up residence in the roofs of village huts and houses. At night it emerges to feed on insects and small vertebrates.

Captive Care
Caring for Your New Tokay Gecko: Aqualand

f you want a mild-mannered, insurance executive, little lizard that calmly sits on your shoulder adding up insurance premiums and enjoying life, this ainít the one. Mr. Tokay Gecko will take off like a bullet, right after he bites your ear, that is.

GGA Gekko gecko by Greg Christenson

Tokay geckos are among the largest geckos, with adults averaging 10-12" in total length. They usually have a greenish background color, sometimes more blue or gray, and numerous light blue and orange or red spots and some tubercular scales.

Tokay Gecko Care Sheet - Reptile Forums

Native to: Northeastern India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, southern China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sulu Archipelago and eastern Indoaustralasian archipelago. They have also been introduced into other areas including southern Florida.

Tokay Geckos by Melissa Kaplan

Description Native to SE Asia, these relatively large (12") geckos are pale gray with bluish spots when they have been in the dark, darkening to dark gray with reddish spots in the light. Like most geckos, tokays are oviparous insectivores. Young are 2-3" at hatching. Eggs are laid in rocky crevices or under the eaves of houses. The 2-3 eggs, laid several times a year, are sticky and adhere to surfaces. In captivity, they may be laid on the glass sides of their terraria. Incubation time for the eggs ranges from 2-6 months for the oviparous Gekko species.

Breeders & Retailers
Go here for more links on Breeders and Retailers listed by country.

Canada Australia South Africa UK USA

Leaping Lizards - Leeds, Alabama USA

Breeds mainly Day Geckos but does also breed Gekko gecko (Tokay gecko) with several bloodlines available in Summer 2006

Inside scoop from Aqualand on Gecko gecko

A care sheet with lots of Pics

More Info.
The Tokay Page

The disposition of my tokays is great, considering they're tokay geckos. Most of them I can pet while I clean their cages. I have a few that I even hand feed. They only feel the need to bite when restrained, which I rarely need to do

Tokay Gecko

These pages outline the taxonomy, reproduction and mating behavior, general behavior, and ecological traits of the Tokay Gecko and also contain pictures of my Tokays and a works cited page complete with links to internet pages containing more detailed information on the data presented here.


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