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Species page for: Jacksons's Chameleons (Chameleo jacksonii)


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Jacksons's Chameleons (Chameleo jacksonii). The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Jacksons's Chameleons (Chamaeleo jacksonii)

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Chameleons of Kenya

To discover more about these fascinating creatures the chameleons, venture through the pages to explore the lifecycle, adaptations , colour changes and a particular look at the Jackson Chameleon whose natural habitat is on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

University of Hawaii - Care & Occurance in Hawaii

Distribution and Habitat in Hawaii: First introduced by the pet trade in 1972, the Jackson's Chameleon (C. jacksonii xanthalophus) is now well established in Hawaii. While it is most commonly found on the island of Oahu, where it was first introduced, it has recently become established on the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Lanai.

Captive Care
A1 Reptiles - Jackson's Chameleon Care Sheet

Chameleons are primarily an African and Madagascan group of arboreal insectivorous lizards. They are found at elevations of five-thousand to eight-thousand feet. Rainfall in these areas average over fifty inches per year. Most chameleons are egg layers but the Jackson chameleons give birth to live young. In 1972 this specie was accidentally introduced into the wild in Hawaii. They are now well established in the Hawaiian islands and large breeding populations now exist there. They are imported to the mainland by the thousands.

California Zoological Supply - care sheet

Caring for Your New Jackson Chameleon : Aqualand

Origins: Originally from east Africa, Jackson Chameleons now grow wild in Hawaii. In 1972 several were introduced into the wild and the climate very much agreed with them. They now infest at least four islands and are considered a threat to native insects.

CalPhotos : Chamaeleo jacksonii

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More Info.
Climatic Data of Kenya

Jackson's Chameleon Information

In comparison to other chameleons, Jackson's are calm, placid animals. In the wild individuals live a solitary lifestyle, which is pretty typical for chameleons, regardless of age. This should be taken into consideration when handling your Jackson's. In general any chameleon should not be overly handled, but this can be gauged by the reaction of your individual chameleons.

Species Profile Database - Adcham

The list of different Chamaeleo sub species and some further reading on each.


Books on this species or genus


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