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Last updated : 19/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 5. Info. for students & teachers and the Section: Websites for teachers & Kids

Overview of Websites and links for teachers

We researched websites and links for South African teachers and at first, found very little of value. We have now succeeded in finding some useful links and have published them here.

When we started this search our intentions were to get our site listed on some of the sites, as we have catered for a number of links to do with school homework or project research on reptiles. However, as we spent so long in finding these sites we thought it would be a good idea to list these websites, so that others would hopefully be able to benefit from them as well. Of course this all depends on whether this section of our website gets noticed by the search engines or word is spread amongst the school community.

A number of these links are sites that in turn provide links to other sites and in total a very good coverage of educational material should be achieved, and although we not specifically seek more such links we will be happy to add any that are felt, should be included.

We will happily consider the publication on this website, of any project on reptiles that has been completed by a student or a group of students, which is of a high standard for the Grade and which can be used as an example for other students.

I think Springfield Convent Junior School and Webmaster deserve a special mention as the number of links they are providing under different subject headings is to be applauded.


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Last update : 19/05/2007