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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 5. Info. for students & teachers and the Section: Websites for teachers & Kids

Introduction and Index : Websites for teachers & Kids

In this section on : Websites for teachers & Kids we present articles and links relative to


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1. Overview of Websites and links for teachers
African Education Knowledge Warehouse
CROWA - Cluedo Camps (Grade 10-12)
CROWA School for Humanities and Legal Studies
Cape Fear Serpentarium - Resources for Educators
Leason plans for various grades on reptiles.
Cool educational sites for kids
Dr. LeBeau's HomePage - Resource for Teachers & Students
Education Rights Project
Interesting links and organisations for teachers.
Links about Spiders , for the Grade 1's, - Springfield Convent
NATURE: Lesson Plans: Characteristics of Snakes and Turtles
Pick 'n Pay Enviro Facts - by
Pick 'n Pay Enviro Facts - 60 fact sheets covering a wide variety of articles, from Antarctica to acid rain.
Power Point presentation on reptiles by Reptilia (4MB)
An excellent Power Point presentation on reptiles. Will require some back ground information and compliation into a lecture format.
Project Oceanography! Teacher Packets - University of S Florida
Regional Environmental Education Programme
SA Online educational resources
Sites for Teachers: lots of links websites with help for teachers
width="237" height="67">Sites For Teachers rates educational Websites by popularity with teachers.

Smithsonian Education Resources
Who's a Herp?
When people talk about herps as a group, they're referring to thousands of species of animals. All of those animals belong to either one of the three major groups of amphibians or one of the four major groups of reptiles. Contains a very good five lesson plan on reptiles.
Snake Printouts - Enchanted
South Africa & International Environmental Websites
Spiders for learning, schools
Springfield Convent Junior School : Lots of links to sites
Students Study Guides Training Products Information
Teachers' Resources
Wildlife and Environment Society of RSA : Eco-Schools links
Yenza! - Subject links - Education

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Last update : 20/05/2007