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Last updated : 19/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 5. Info. for students & teachers and the Section: Picture Galleries

Our Photo Library

Here is a random selection of reptile pictures that we have used on our home page over the past months and in some of the articles found on our site.

Rocky our our African Rock Monitor
 African Rock Monitor - Click for Article on species.

Bearded Dragon that was photographed by yours truly while I was in the USA
Breaded Dragon - Click for large image


Pictures reproduced with permission of Sťan Thomas at Cape Snakes & Adrenalin Tours

Cape Cobra - Adrenalin Tours

Many Horned Adder (Bitis Cornuta)

Black Spitting Cobra

Black Spitting Cobra - Click to link to artcile detail

Snouted Cobra _ Venomous Snakes

Snouted Cobra - Click to link to artcile detail

Link to article on African Rock Python

African Rock Python _ Click to link to artcile detail

Retail Boa in suitable habitat.

Retail Boa in suitable habitat

Link to article on "Regurgitated meal causes skin damage."

Regurgitated meal causes skin damage.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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Last update : 19/05/2007