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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Scrub Python tackles a Kangaroo

A series of photos of a Amethystine Python (Scrub) eating a kangaroo. This took place on a Golf course in Australia. As far as we are aware the rights to the picture are not reserved. We have attempted to find who the photographer was but without success. These pictures where obtained from a site that was not family orientated so be thought it better not to link directly. Should the have reserved rights please advise and we will remove same, provide an alternative link or acknowledge the photographer, as the case may be.

More Info:

For more information on this species, with regard to captive care, breeders, natural habitat  please follow link to our page titled,
Species page : Scrub Python( Morelia amethistina). Many other species are also dealt with in similar fashion in our section 8. Links - Species Specific, which can be selected from our home page.

We also have a number of links to reptile related websites arranged by country such as  Australia, Canada, UK and the USA as well as links on other interesting facts.


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Last update : 01/04/2007