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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Pet~Turf - Reptile substrate

After 3 years of development we are proud to launch Pet~Turf, a continuous non woven mat manufactured from polyester fiber.

Pet~Turf is designed primary as a substrate for use with snakes and larger lizard species such as Monitors. Greatly improves the looks of the enclosure, with none of the normal  disadvantages  of traditional substrates. We have done our objective best to provide full disclosure here, and not only deal with the positive aspects.

Other uses may be possible, such as filter media for fish tanks, Koi pond filters, floor covers for recovery enclosures in Vetinary Clinics and Hospitals etc. Due to the wide range of applications and different environments in which it can be used, all buyers are urged to exercise their own discretion as to its suitability for the intended application.

Product Specifications

Supporting Documents

At present the specifications are:

Color: Green
Width : 60 cm ( 2' ) +/- 3%
Roll length : 50 m ( 150')
Roll diameter : 1m ( 3' )
Weight per square meter : 220Gms +/- 10%
Thickness :  6.5 mm  +/- 10%
Material : Polyester

Printable Pet~Turf Brochure and Warranty Statement (PDF)

Listed Distributors by Area


Pet~Turf may undergo some further development in response to feedback from users, which we would appreciate. We have, therefore, created a poll, where you can provide feedback information or if you prefer you are welcome to contact us and express your views in more detail.

The following advantages are achieved

Following disadvantages have been noted.

Fitting instructions.

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Mark to size Cut on marks

Creating wide area hide box.

Ball pythons and reptiles with a similar nature can be accommodated in an enclosure with two layers, where the upper layer is cut larger than the enclosure to create bulges and so that it does not lie flat or it is merely folded so that access is provided between the two layers.

Holes can be cut in this top layer to allow access between the layers, if required or desired.

Creates a "Hide box" that now has full temperature variation of the enclosure and a second, overlapping temperature range created above the top layer.

An added advantage is that this removes the snakes desire to creep under the bottom layer, between the enclosure floor and the first layer of Pet~Turf.

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Before With Pet~Turf "Hide Box" Magnified View


Water Trap

Microscopic fibers trap water due to water's meniscus effect. This water will evaporate if the conditions allow (heat and humidity) creating a suitably balanced micro climate in the enclosure. Thus water can be sprayed directly onto the substrate and it will release the water as evaporation over a period of time.

Removal Of Faeces

Use toilet paper to gently remove solid faeces. Do not impact faeces into fibers as this will just make washing more difficult

Washing Instructions

Wash when required. This will depend on how often the pet defecates and the consistency of the stool. We find it necessary to wash the Pet~Turf every 10 to 14 days but before the traces of faeces dry out. 

Remove Pet~Turf and Spray off with garden hose.

If dirt is stubborn and hard to remove, 

  • Soak in hot soapy solution. We use a plastic drum.
  • Spray off with garden hose.

Dip in disinfectant or spray contaminated areas. (We use Virkons)

Rinse and hang up to dry, (Dries very quickly)

The service life of Pet~Turf will vary depending on the method adopted to wash and clean. Patience will be rewarded with a longer service life.

Cautionary Notes

Availablity and Price

Standard width is 60cm wide and can be ordered by the meter from your local retail reptile store. See Listed Distributors by Area


Wholesale Availablity

We have stock available from Brits Textiles, in Johannesburg and Pinetown, where only full rolls can be purchased. There are 50 meters on each roll and each roll is about 1metre in diameter and will just fit into a large sedan, on the back seat, but an LDV or station wagon would be the preferred  method of transport.


Brits Textiles
69 Pamona Road,
Pamona (near International Airport)     Ph 011 - 9791192


Brits Textiles
14 Suffert Street
Pinetown                   Ph 031 - 7175863 ask for Ms Barbara Dow


50 meter roll @ R10.00 \ meter    =        R500
                                                Vat          70
                                          Total         R 570    Terms : Strictly Cash Only (the paper stuff) or Bank Transfer.


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Last update : 01/04/2007