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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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EasyDim Dimmer - extends life of basking lights

How often have we replaced a spot or basking light only to have it blow as we switch it on. Well this unit solves the problem. The EasyDim greatly extends the globe life by providing a soft start, as well as the ability control the brightness.

Unit is fitted inline on power source, as shown in the following picture.




Soft start

When the light is switched on the electrical current is slowly increased and this prevents the globe from blowing. When the element is cold it can carry a higher current and this is normally what causes it to blow. By slowly increasing the electric current the globe will be better able to handle the current as the globe's element gets hotter. 

This feature is particularly useful if the temperature is controlled by a thermostat and the light is continually switched on and off  by the thermostat. This unit will greatly extend the life of the globe, as each time it is switched on the "Soft Start" will apply.

Dimmer Feature

Dimmer feature can be used to set any level of brightness. Switch on and as the brightness increases and at the desired level of brightness, switch off and on again and the level of brightness will be retained. This will enable a constant emission to be maintained which is below the globes full capabilities. The selected brightness is not  retained if the light is switched off. Useful if the globe is left on 24/7 and temperatures are manually controlled and regulated.

At reduced power outputAt full power



Volts : 230v/50Hz
Max Load : 150w
Norm CE


Unit is supplied with connector block, ready for fitting.

Quantity Rands
1 Unit (each) R80.00

Rand Prices include VAT. All prices exclude postage.


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Last update : 01/04/2007