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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Vivairums Available

We manufacture and have available for sale, various reptile vivairiums (enclosures) in different sizes and finishes, which are of the highest quality.

Unfortunately these enclosures are only available in the Western Cape, as the cost of shipping these enclosures to other areas would be prohibitive.

These enclosures are made from melamine, with two 5mm sliding glass panels in front. A solid backboard is fitted so as to provide addition rigidity of the structure and to improve insulation.  This also means that the inside of the structure free from any corner reinforcements, which facilitates cleaning.

The bottom rail, in which the glass slides,  is raised above the floor of the enclosure, to prevent substrate and dirt getting into the rail. All joints between the sides floor and back, as well as the holes cut for ventilation are sealed with high grade silicone, to prevent moisture and bacteria from getting into in the joints.   The enclosures have edging all round for a nice finished look.

Ventilation is provided via two low vents on each of the enclosure sides and three vent holes high on the back, so as to provide good natural ventilation. Each vent hole is fitted with two vent covers, one inside and one outside.

We have some standard sizes in stock but will undertake any custom  requirements with regard to style, size, color, material finish, positioning and number of vents, height of bottom rail, light fittings etc.   This would include units up to 1.8m by 1.8m with three or four levels. Each level can be divided into, up to three separate enclosures. Any bigger than this will most likely have to be built on site.

Standard sizes we offer at the moment are:-


Size( L x W x H) mm Price in White Melamine Price in Oak Melamine Picture
600 X 300 X 300 R300 R350

900 X 450 X 450 R550 R650
1200 X 450 X 450 R700 R800
1500 X 450 X 450 R800 R900

1200 X 600 X 600 R800 R900
1500 X 600 X 600 R1000 R1100
1800 X 600 X800/600 R1200 R1300

Discount of up to 20% on heating and lighting products
that are supplied as fittings to the enclosure.


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Last update : 01/04/2007