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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Heating pads and tapes

Here is a tip on reptile accessories, which you may find useful and which we feel will improve heat pad performance. In our experience we have encountered a number of problems with plastic laminated heat pads, in that over a period of years they start discoloring and cracking and eventually causing an electrical short circuit and major overheating, to the extent that the floor of the wooden enclosure was scorched. Their is quite a difference between heating pads and the amount of heat they put out, even if they are the same model. It is always best to check you heating pads regularly. 

We now, as standard practice, use only AKWA Komodo heat pads and quality under floor heating tape. The Komodo pads are robust and are enclosed in a silver foil, one side of which has a sticky surface. Using this side, the heat pad is stuck to the back of suitable sized ceramic floor or wall tile (see pic). If you fit the heating pad to the same size tile the temperature can become quite high so first test with a larger one without sticking it down. The ceramic tile can also be lifted off the floor by sticking rubber strips around the edge of the floor tile. This set up could then be used in a glass enclosure without their being a danger that the floor cracks due to the heat. (Test to see how hot the glass will get in your set up. The higher the heat pad rating the greater the distance between the heat pad and the floor.) You may have to run a few tests before you get the required temperature. You can play around with types and  depth of substrate's. 

Secondly, by raising the heat pad off the enclosure floor the element wire is protected from any damage that it may be exposed to by being in contact with the floor.

We feel this has the following advantages, in that the:-

The best option is to have the heating pad run through a thermostat or dimmer so you can control the heat. This is the best option but not always an affordable one.


Komodo heat pad                                                Stuck to Back of floor Tile.


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Last update : 01/04/2007