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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 6. Notice Boards & Forums and the Section: 12. Species specific reptile forums

Species specific reptile forums

There are a lot of reptile forums on the internet, Some of which are devoted to a specific species. We like these forums, as if one is interested in a species it is easier to find relevant information on such a forum, secondly one would be safe to assume that the moderators of these forums are experts in the particular species and one would therefore be more likely to find information of a higher quality.

We thought it would be a good idea to create a separate section for these forums despite the fact that they are all listed in the relevant presentation we have done in our "Links - Species Specific" section. This just eases the navigation for users who may be looking for forums but would actually be more interested in a species specific forum.

We have not all the species specific forums and some are only listed in the "Links - Species Specific" section, so please review your preferred species in this section.

We will continue to update links as we discover them.


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Last update : 01/04/2007