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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 6. Notice Boards & Forums and the Section: 2. News & Information

Our News - Year: 2006

This page sets out, in date order, the latest developments on this website or anything else which is important for our regular visitors and is merely a progress report on how we got the site to its current state on the 23 December 2006, which at that stage included 3000 links to reptile related websites.

 We will always welcome feedback, care sheets, articles, pictures and links to reptile related websites.

Date 23 December 2006

This week we spent some time reviewing work we had done and made a few revisions as follows:-

Madagascan Boas was split into two, namely:-

Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis)
Madagascan Tree Boa (sp Sanzinia)

Sand Boas was split into two, namely:-

Calabar Sand boa( Calabaria reinhardtii)
Sand Boa (sp Eryx)

A number of decisions have been taken relating to the improvements that can be made to this site.

  1. A weekly index to new additions in the 8. Links - Species Specific needs to be created, although we will continue to list major additions and changes here.

  2. Our presentation of links on care sheets for pet reptiles needs to be renationalized and some additional explanations needs to be provided, as things have changed from when we launched this site. This was completed this week.

  3. Need to start work on the USA links again.


Date 16 December 2006

Continued or work on the Species Specific section adding some more links on the various Australian Pythons and the Angolan Python. Also added new sections on the following:-

Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus - yellow)(Eunectes murinus - green)

Tortoises - General information

African Spurred Tortoises (Geochelone sulcata)
Leopard Tortoise (Geochelone pardalis)
Mediterranean Tortoises(Testudo graeca & T. hermanni)

General information on Turtles

Major milestone of 3000 links was broken this week as we are now providing 3110 links. Break down of these figures are on our Site Statistics page.

We will take a break over the festive season, after which we hope to have some good news regarding our import order which has taken a lot longer than we hoped.


Date 9 December 2006

This week we added over 50 links to the Species Specific section mainly in regard to:

Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus acanthurus)(Akie),
Python(Liasis mackloti savuensis),
Frilled Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)
Mountain Horned Dragon (Acanthosaura species)
and a few other where we where a bit thinly populated.

Country Specific section got 15 new links mainly for the UK.

And we also started a new section for scholars and teachers thus week by adding a number of links to some of the best websites that we could find in South Africa which would be of interest for this audience. One may well ask what are educational links doing in a reptile portal? Well some of the links are environment related and we are attempting to stimulate and interest in and awareness of reptiles.

I have also completed converting a new snake room, and share the story with you this week. Click to view

We forgot to mention that last week we published a very interesting article titled Regurgitated meal causes skin rot.

Date 2 December 2006

Well we finally published one page on the Eyelash Viper. After some rearranging of data of our disk we very cleverly deleted the text file that had all our links listed, so we will have to repeat some of the research again. Good news is that we at least got the one page up and running.

Otherwise the week was very varied with new links being added all over the place including the Country Specific and Species Specific sections, taking the total links we are now providing are 2894. (See stats page).

I have also completed converting a new snake room, so I will share the picture progress of this next week.

Date 25 November 2006

Well we did do some work on Vipers as we promised and mainly went round in circles so it has still not been finalized. We will keep trying!

Otherwise, we had a fairly productive week and added lots to the species pages, mainly Carpet Pythons and some general links as listed above.

Date 18 November 2006

This week was devoted to updating pythons, in particular Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus), Madagascan Boas, and we did some more work on Tree Monitors ( Varanus prasinus) in the Species Specific section, which now has 575 links to reptile websites. Included in this section we publish links on White-lipped Python (Leiopython albertisii) and Spotted python (Antaresia maculosa) for the first time.

Links on Vipers has not been finalised as indicated last week , so will be carried over for next week.

Total links we are now providing are 2740. (See stats page)

Date 11 November 2006

Apart from 15 new links listed above, did a lot of work on the links to UK reptile websites this week and added 25 new sites, as well as in the venomous section where various links where added to published pages. These were:-

Although we spent a lot of time on Vipers and collected a few links, these have not been published yet as they still need more work.

Also noted that links we had provided to "Snakebite Protocols - Dr Davidson (UCSD)" where not working. Found the new server providing the information and updated all the links accordingly. Data from EMBL database is also giving problems and hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

Date 04 November 2006

This week we worked on the following, in the by Species section:-

Continued to work on promoting the site, but with a bit more success this week.

Date 28 October 2006

Updated a few odd bits an pieces this week. Found a good Tortoise forum and some more information on Blood Pythons and a very good picture gallery on corn morphs

Also changed the format of the Country Specific pages to include bookmarks, so as to speed up navigation on those pages with a lot of links.

Continued to work on promoting the site. A very time consuming exercise.

Date 21 October 2006

This week we added a few new links (39) to United Kingdom Reptile Websites and did some work processing links we have on Turtles and Tortoises, however these are still work in progress at this stage.

A few additional links added to the species pages. (Retics, GTP and ETB)

Progress on the unpublished USA Reptile Websites is slow. To date we over 268 links but this is not even scratching the surface, so it will be a while still before we are in a situation of publish this section.

Most of the week was spent promoting this website, a slow and tedious process but which is paying off, as we continue to notice increased traffic and feedback.

Date 14 October 2006

Spent the week adding more links in respect of the species section and the UK Reptile websites. About 130 new links added in the last two weeks.

Also had to spend some time on search engine submissions and getting some incoming links. 

In the middle of last week we updated the site with the EasyDim, which is a new product that we found and which we have tested, with excellent results.

Date 07 October 2006

This week we did some more work on the venomous section and added two new snakes, namely the Red Spitting Cobra and a new related species Naja nubiae as well as adding some links in the species section on African House Snakes.

Somehow did not get round to the promised new product and some new pictures, referred to last week. Where did the week disappear to ??

Date 30 September 2006

This week we did some more work on the "8. Links - Species Specific" in that we provided some additional links on the Day Gecko. Otherwise as we mentioned last we we spent the week validating our links and found a few that no longer exist or where the sites has been revised and we have now correct the links accordingly. We are less than half way so we may still have a few problem links, which we still need to get to.

Next week we have some existing news with a new product and some new pictures.

To the boys is Baghdad, thanks for visiting our site. You are either missing your herps or having fun with the locals (Herps). Look after yourselves.

Date 23 September 2006

This week we did some more work on the "8. Links - Species Specific" section by adding some data on "Lizards: Other Species". This included the Beaded Lizard & Gila monster, Blue Tongue Skinks, Mountain Horned Dragon (Acanthosaura species), and Uromastyx (Uromastyx species). Also added data on Chameleons.

Otherwise the links we added were in various sections, including Rattlesnakes and some by country links.

Next week we need to spend some time on house keeping and checking existing links to ensure they are still valid.

To all our regular visitors, thanks for the support. Its us motivated to continue the links gathering exercise. We would love to here from all our visitors, so please feel free to drop us a line.

Date 16 September 2006

Following on from last week, we noted that the information updated under "8. Links - Species Specific" was incorrect for about the first 14 hours after the update, before we noticed it and at which time it was corrected. Our apologies, if this was noted by any users.

We did some more work on the species specific section, which we launched last week and have devised a new format, which we trust you will find useful for looking up information on  a particular species. We still have a lot of work do in terms of adding other species and adding to the information within each species, but at least we have sorted out the basic format we will be using. To date this section accounts for 240 links.

Secondly, we have created a new set of links on Canada in the "9. Links - Country Specific" section. To date this section accounts for 130 links, pushing the total links provided by this site, to over 2000.

The format for the By Country links has changed in that we have added a short description of the site content, in the form of a snippet from the site itself. At this stage this is only applicable to the links for Canada. However this has made some of the pages quite long, so we will be looking at a solution for this in the new week as well as revisiting the UK and Australian sites to pick up this data, which are empty at this stage.

A further thing that comes to mind is that any additions  done to the by Country and by Species links will not reflect in our weekly list of updates, so we still need to resolve this little problem.  

Date 09 September 2006    

A major re-arrangement of the website occurred this week and we have mixed feelings over its effectiveness. Species which were previously linked under "8. Links - General" and been moved a new Aspect titled "8. Links - Species Specific". To date we have added a number of care and fact sheets and will in future deal with other topics such as Breeding tips, photographs, species identification, hybrids etc.  This work is not finished as some further information still needs to added to a few of the new pages and some links need to removed from what we had available previously.

This work will be completed during the following week and any amendments to the new pages will be updated as soon as they have been competed.

This section will not include links to breeders, other than those that are very good at educational providing information, or information on current developments on the species in the environment.

Date 02 September 2006    

Google starts liking us.

For a site that is mainly a link provider to other sites, and is not particularly strong on content we are doing very well and are pleased that we made the effort and trusted our own logic.

Site Updates

Did some more reorganization and planning this week but not very productive results in terms of new entries.

Firstly we started work on an schedule of snakes of South Africa which is in the "10. Natural Environment" section. The subsection was previously called "Species - Snakes - Indigenous to RSA". We have now changed this to "Indigenous snakes of South Africa". In our table of " Snakes of South Africa" we are firstly going to list the snakes and then provide links to other pages where we have dealt  with the species in detail or to other sources of information on the species. In addition we give a brief run down on color, head shape and outstanding features. Lots of work to do on this so we will keep you posted. In the interim if you have any photos that you can share that will be suitable to identify species we would appreciate your help.

Secondly we did some more work on our species data base in which we intend dealing with all information relative to each of the Exotic pet species. This too is a huge and ambitious exercise. 

Date 26 August 2006

This week we found it necessary to rearrange the links we had under "8. Links - General" and "Species - Lizards & Geckos", as the volume of links was getting to be a bit much. We have therefore, split this section into a number of separate headings.

Otherwise our main focus was on collecting websites for the USA and Canada and this will take a few weeks yet, to reach a stage where we can publish some data.

Date 19 August 2006

We started work on specifically targeting websites in the USA, which is going to take a few weeks before we publish our first effort as there are hundreds of relative websites that need to be dealt with.

Have also spent a lot of time planning how we will present this information and how we can programmatically include website banners for selected websites listed for other countries, in general. This has now been finalized and we do a few test applications in the next week.

Problems we have been having getting listed with Google, have been resolved to a point, and an error on our part has been corrected. We still need to a lot more work in this area.

In closing we would request feed back on our site. Please email us. We note that we have a number of regular users, and we would like to extend our thanks for the support and trust you are finding the layout and information both interesting and informative.

Date 12 August 2006

Australian Links

Spent the week working on our links to Australian websites and decided to launch with what we have found to date. In this process we also found some other sites that fell within the search results we got, so there are a splattering of updates for other countries as well.

The links we had for Australia are now included in with the other links for Australia under the relevant heading.

Future maintenance and adding of new links now become far more difficult to do as each link needs to be verified to ensure we are not duplicating the same link or if we do it is required to provide the subject related drilldown.


Our advert that has been running for the past month in all the local junk mails (Cape Ads etc.) have yielded a few telephone calls which we have referred to other retailers in the relevant Provinces and a noticeable increase in visitors to the site was noted, but nothing that would justify the cost of the Add.

PE Herp Club

News letters have been updated and make extremely good reading. Click here


Date 5 August 2006

Major reorganization of "40. Venomous Snakes- Species" section

We had a re-look at the organization of this section with particular regard to the logical split by species or genus and have decided to split Adders and Vipers into subsections.

We have also added a number of links to the relevant page on the EMBL Database from each genus as we deemed necessary. On each of the species listed on the page, EMBL have a number of links and some good background info on each species, which we trust you will find useful to review the Genus.

We continued our search for captive care sheets and have added links where we found them.


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Last update : 01/04/2007