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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 6. Notice Boards & Forums and the Section: 2. News & Information

Our News - Current

This page sets out, in descending date order, the latest developments on this website or anything else which is important for our regular visitors.

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We will always welcome feedback, care sheets, articles, pictures and links to reptile related websites.

Date 15 July 2007

Well we have definitely slowed down on the development of this site, as a result of other commercial interests, which we have been forced to attend to.

Firstly thanks thanks to our regular visitors who have helped maintain traffic levels.

Secondly we are now one year old, having been on the web for over a year. How time flies!.

The good news is that our first import arrived safety and the consignment arrived in excellent health. This, despite a number of problems that we had with permits and documentation.  Our second order has been placed and we are about to place our third order. (for current availability see Available shortly ..)

With regard to new links, we have received a few requests for links and these have been attended to. We are still disappointed with the number of requests we are getting for links to other reptile related sites. Those sites that are listed are getting good a number of referrals from us.


Date 20 April 2007

   We were forced to take a bit of a break with the regular weekly updates due to our commercial interests. This week we got back into the swing of things and updated a new species, Madagascar Ground Gecko(Paroedura pictus), as well as a few other new links on:

Giant Ground Geckos (Chondrodactylus angulifer)

Day Gecko

African Fat Tailed Gecko.


Continued work on the  revision to our sitemap page this week, with the removal of a few more specific links and the replacement with one sub index page for the relevant sections.

Date 29 April 2007

Not much action on the site this week due to a major research project that we had to do with regard to finalizing our first import. Secondly we spent a lot of time on doing more research on venomous species and some other local indigenous species, the results of which will be available soon.

We also had a crisis with Google, which was actually our fault, but took days before the fault became obvious. So we have a had a busy week.

What we have done, in response to users being directed by search engines to pages that are not material to the search, is to add some buttons to our country pages so that users can navigate to the main index of any country they prefer. Here is an Example : Reptiles in USA - Reptile Breeders: local

In the species section we added a number of new links to various species and finalized, the following pages:

Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata)

Rat Snakes: Other Asian Beauty Snakes

Date 22 April 2007

Major revision to our sitemap page this week, with the removal of specific links and the replacement with one sub index page for each section. This will take a while for full implementation.

In the species section we added some links on the

Sonora Desert Boa and

Dwarf Caiman as well as lots of new links to various other species we have covered to date.

Updated a few new links for the "USA Reptile websites"  and new links direct links from our Main Page. See Index to last updated links


Date 15 April 2007

The bulk of this weeks work load was behind the scenes stuff, despite which we managed to add a number of links to the species section and completed two new species, namely:-

Taiwan Beauty Snake (Elaphe taeniura friesi)

Rat Snakes (Cave Dwelling)(Elaphe taeniura ridlei

Picked up some new Gecko species on which we will be doing some research on in the next few weeks.


Date O8 April 2007

Lots of new links were to Species and Country Sections, this week. The new species of the week is the Emerald Swift (Sceloporus Malachiticus).

Did do some work on the "USA by States" and "USA by Category" sections this week and also added links to books that related to the species being dealt with in the species section. Still need to do more research in this regard to find the really good books. But succeeded in modifying the system we use,  to publish whatever is found and listed in our database, on the website.

The other big news is that we have been appointed as the editor of a new pet directory for South Africa. (More details.)  We give you the undertaking that this work will not affect our ongoing efforts to keep developing this reptile portal to its fullest potential.

Date O1 April 2007

Wow, what a busy week!. Firstly we concluded an arrangement with, a South African reptile forum, for them to host a section for us, which can be used for members (you have to register) to add, amend or correct their entries in our reptile portal and to discuss any other issue about our reptile portal. We in turn provide access to a number of summary pages form our website which give members access on care sheets, breeders, natural habitat etc on the selected genus.

This week we did some research on another African  Gecko species , namely the Giant Ground Geckos (Chondrodactylus angulifer) or as they are some times referred to, the "Namib Desert Gecko", or "Namib Sand Gecko".

Other than that we had a few additions in our by country sections on USA and UK as well as a few additions in the by species section on various species.

The other very important thing is that we have removed from the traffic tracking on our pages as the slow response from their server was having an adverse affect on the performance of our pages. So we will only be using to track our stats in future, enabling visitors to view our progress and traffic growth.

Hopefully we get back into some sort of routine soon and can advise a major increase in the number of USA reptile related websites and get cracking on our new venomous pages.

Date 25 March 2007

This week we succeeded in finalizing our new format for our pages on the different reptile species. We are now listing all the links for a particular species on one page and have a stationary index in the left margin, to navigate to the required section. A similar format will be used for the venomous species and we have stated work on identifying some additional links on the various species, which is where the bulk for our research time was spent, this week.

Date 18 March 2007

Spent this week testing various new methods to present data, where the number of links presented in one page made navigation with bookmarks, unpractical. After testing various ideas, finally came up with a new method that seems to work in most browsers and should be Search Engine friendly. Take a look at the page on USA reptile breeders and let us know what you think.

Now that that is out of the way, we have decided to apply the same layout to our Species sections, where we are currently using multiple pages, as well as the presentation we do on the venomous species. In the latter case, it will make things much easier to update new links, as the web pages will then be created automatically from the database.

The regeneration on the main menu and all pages for the species section and the country section, is achieved in less than two minutes, so this aspect is working well.

So with this planning out the way we can get back into the routine searching for new topics and links. In this regard we have two new species for the week namely:-

Hognose (sp. Leioheterodon)(Madagascan Hognose)

Tegu (sp. Tupinambis)


Date 11 March 2007

Well after last weeks major reorganization, we introduced a few problems, and we hope we have now corrected these, but in general it went well and the new method seems to be working well.

This week we continued or work on the USA breeders, and added a number of new links. We also looked at an alternative method to present these links, as the page is now starting to get quite long. However, this still needs some thought. Also added a few new links to various species pages.

We received a batch of very nice locally bred Corn Snakes and we will publish these very soon. Just need to take some pictures and publishing the page.

Our total number of links is now starting to look really impressive with over 4200 links. To view go to Site Statistics

Date 4 March 2007

We have decided to effect a major reorganization of this website. In brief, the main emphasis and volume of links will be provided from our "9. Links - Country Specific" and "8. Links - Species Specific" sections, which will be the place to start if you are interested in a particular country or specific species.

All the South African links have, therefore been moved to the  "9. Links - Country Specific" section and have been replaced by links to pages for each country, which provides an alternative method of accessing International data. These new links are set out in the index for the week.

The remaining links listed in particular sections still need to be reassessed and and they will be moved to the relevant county and maybe the species section unless the content of these site is of such high quality as to justify a position so as to provide a generic source of information on a particular subject, that is being addressed.

Our current format by country and our subject related drill down are arranged as follows.

By Country

By Subject drill down
Academic Research 10. Natural Environment
Educational Websites
Environment & Nature
Gov Authorities & Legal 7. Gov Authorities & Legal issues
Herp Soc & Clubs 8. Links - General
Herp Vets 4. Information & care sheets
Reptile Forums 6. Notice Boards & Forums
Reptile Websites (NES)  
Rescue & Protection 4. Information & care sheets
Traders : Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites 3. Accessories & Supplies
Traders : Breeders 8. Links - Reptile Traders
Traders : Exporters
Traders : Retailers
Traders : Wholesale
Zoos and reptile parks 8. Links - Reptile Parks & Zoos

As we built the site, and as volumes changed and new feature where added, things became a little difficult to manage in some areas. So, in doing some housekeeping we decided it was time for a major rethink.

It will take sometime to revise the total site, but I trust you will bear will us and that you will find the format better than the old. Mainly we aim achieve a much smaller sitemap and more pages on which the links are presented with some  background information on each link. This method may be slower to navigate, but will be more user friendly and easier for us to manage and arrange the volume of links we are dealing with.

Date 25 February 2007

A quite week during which most of time was spent on updating USA sites, which now stand at over 490, and again, in doing so, we updated a few links in the 8. Links - Species Specific section, which has over 1100 links, on the different reptile species, we have dealt with so far.

Good news for anyone needing Crickets, earthworms or superworms, as these are now available and for sale in the Cape.


Date 18 February 2007

We were pretty busy this week updating  our USA links, which now tops the 400 mark. In the process however, we have found some good links to include in our  8. Links - Species Specific section, in which we also made a concerted effort on the following, which are now published.

Common Padloper (sp Homopus)( & speckled padloper)

Redfoot Tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria)

African Tiger Geckos (Pachydactylus tigrinus)

We did some tidying up and rearrangement of links in our "Accessories & Supplies" section so that the order is more logical and added links to the relevant pages that we have for Australia, Canada, UK and USA in our Links - Country Specific section. A sub index page was created "Reptile Accessories & Supplies in your area " which provides the links to each country and summarizes the sub-section.

Date 11 February 2007

This week, we the launch our links to reptiles related websites for the USA by State, and the USA by category. Detailed explanation of what is linked in these two sections is defined in our introduction "USA Reptile websites". A total of some 294 links are provided and these are but a drop in the ocean. We hope that we will get some feed back and sites submitted to us, as this is so much easier than looking for them ourselves. Anyway at least now we will be able to update these links as time progresses.

We added new links to the 8. Links - Species Specific section, as we came across relevant links. We are working on the following but have not published these yet:-

African Tiger Gecko
Namaqualand speckled padloper


Date 4 February 2007

As stated last week we are monitoring our stats and where visitors come from and what they are looking at on our site. Some visitors seem so happy to find what they looking for they never even visit our home page but are back the next day searching for something else. So we decided to create some new pages in an effort to reduce the hits on our site map and improve visitors browsing experience. We have created two new pages as test and will see how they shape up before creating more pages like this if they achieve their objective.

These pages are :-

Introduction and Index : Getting started - for the beginner

Introduction and Index : Tips on Breeding Snakes

As always comments, would be greatly appreciated.

We have changed the aspect  "5. Other interesting stuff"  to "5. Info. for students & teachers", and have rearranged all the links in this  section, moving some to general links that did not match the subject matter.

We added a few new links under "Venomous Breeders & Retailers" which should be useful.

We added new links to the 8. Links - Species Specific section, not all of which are published yet. This week's new publications are the

Bearded Dragon (Pogona Vitticeps) , and the  Solomon Islands Ground Boas (sp. Candoia ).

 And that is about it for this week.

Date 28 January 2007

And yet another week bites the dust. Spent the week doing a bit of house keeping on the site which is a task all on its own.

We added 36 new links to the 8. Links - Species Specific section not all of which are published yet. This week's new publication is the

Dwarf Chameleon (sp. Bradypodion) , while the  Scrub python (Morelia amethistina) got a few new links.

The the main menu of the site we added a few new links and subjects for the week, where we started doing some research on Alligators and Crocodiles. We deleted a number of links that on second thoughts just did not make the grade. Also removed some sites that were included in the 8. Links - Species Specific section on a species page as well as being listed separately.

Google still directs just about every reptile related search to our sitemap page, and despite the big notes we have some people who still seem to work off this page. Only had a few hits on "How to search for reptiles on the Internet effectively"  which is a pity but better than nothing.

Planning includes reviewing and I think we will split out the links we have for Students and Teachers, and place all these links in a section on its own. They are not obvious enough under our currently name "5. Other interesting stuff".  Lets see what we can come up with. Maybe we should just rename the whole section "5. For Teachers and Students"  Any suggestions - we would love to here from you. We are getting bored and depressed.

That's it for this week folks, see you next week, back on the same page, for some more news of the week.

Major news item : - 70kg python that ate 11 dogs captured - New Straits Times - Malaysia News Online

Date 21 January 2007

Where did the week disappear to ?? Feels like just yesterday I was doing the exact same thing.

This week we added 24 new links to the 8. Links - Species Specific section, a number of which relate to links to climatic data of the area in which the species in endemic. This information should help with the care and breeding of the species. Other significant new entries where:-

Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis)
Scrub python (Morelia amethistina)
African Rock Python (Python sebae & Python sebae natalensis)  - care sheet for each
Leopard Gecko

And as promised a must read for every body: "How to search for reptiles on the Internet effectively" where even we learnt new things. Not 100% complete yet but a reasonable start to the subject in which we explain the difference between searching for "reptile pets" and {reptiles pets}, between {Angolan Pythons} and "Angolan Python"  and a few more examples. You will be amazed at the difference in the number of returned results and the quality of what is returned by the Search engine .       

The the main menu of the site we added a few new links and subjects for the week.


Date 14 January 2007

Had a busy week will lots of new plans, some new schemes and lots of new links. Firstly we have the following new species completed.

Bibrons Gecko (Pachydactylus bibroni)
Crested & Gargoyle Geckos (Rhacodactylus spp)
Day Gecko (genus: Phelsuma)
Leaf Tailed Geckos(Uroplatus ssp.) 

Collared Lizard (genus : Crotaphytus)

The following got some more attention and a few new links were added:-

Woma python (Aspidites ramsayi)

The the main menu of the site we added a few new links and subjects for the week.

Next week we will have completed a must read for every body: "How to search the Internet effectively" where even we learnt new things and which is the reason we have not finished. We explain the difference between searching for "reptile pets" and {reptiles pets}, between {Angolan Pythons} and "Angolan Python*"  and a few more examples. You will be amazed at the difference in the number of returned results and the quality of what is returned by the Search engine .


Date 7 January 2007

Spent the week watching traffic trends and noting some of the search terms that are being used. Realized some people need to learn a few things about how to search the internet effectively,  so started some research only to find out that I was learning a few things too. Will see if we can get this published by next week.

In the 8. Links - Species Specific section we have added the following :

Hogg Island Boa
African Fat Tailed Gecko


The the main menu of the site we added a few new links and subjects for the week and a set of pics on our Madagascan Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis)

In addition we did some research on the Cape Dwarf Chameleon  but not enough links have been found yet to publish this information.

Date 1 January 2007

The New Year starts with lots of rearrangements. Firstly some routine stuff:-

Madagascan Boas was split into two, namely:-

Madagascan Boas (sp Acrantophis)
Madagascan Tree Boa (sp Sanzinia)

Sand Boas was split into two, namely:-

Calabar Sand boa( Calabaria reinhardtii)
Sand Boa (sp Eryx)

Secondly we have been busy doing research and adding new links. The links to reptile related websites in the UK, got some attention and a few new links where added. Following a request from a regular user we did some research on African Turtles and added the following to 8. Links - Species Specific

A number of decisions have been taken relating to the improvements that can be made to this site.

  1. A weekly index to new additions in the 8. Links - Species Specific needs to be created, although we will continue to list major additions and changes here.

  2. Our presentation of links on care sheets for pet reptiles needs to be rationalized and some additional explanations needs to be provided, as things have changed since we launched this site.

  3. Need to start work on the USA links again.

  4. A new stats tracking system was installed on the 27 December 2006, as we noted a major increase in hits and our existing system was not giving us enough information. We discovered to our delight that we where getting a major number of hits from Yahoo and Google to some of our species and country specific pages. However, as users where finding what they where looking for they where not going to our home page. Looking at these pages we had nothing to attract them to our home page, so we have added another image to all our pages and we trust this will not slow down page loading times too much. The same thing applied to our site map page so this has also been revised.

    It is really encouraging to note the number of revisits and hits we are getting from the search engines. So it looks like all our hard work has at least paid off with the search engines. However, we really would love to know how our visitors feel about this site and whether they have any suggestions to improve it.

 Wishing you all - Compliments of the season and a Happy New Year.

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Last update : 20/05/2007