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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Available on special request

We are importing snakes that we feel are sought after and we do our best to present them at an affordable price.

We also offer a service so that specific requirements can be accommodated. Species, as listed in our general price lists or if your looking for some other species, that are not listed, can be sourced on special request.

These special requests need to be coordinated so that they arrive on the same flight as our scheduled imports, unless the volume of the order can justify a separate import and quarantine.

Orders that are on special request will require a deposit, and terms to be negotiated. Should the buyer decline to take delivery, the refund of all or a portion of the deposit will only be effected if and when we succeed in selling the order to an alternative buyer.

Therefore, the negotiation of terms, selected reptile, exporters credentials, breeding credentials will all need to be agreed at each step of the process.

A special morph at US $ 12000 is not small change in anybodies language and a purchase of this amount may even necessitate a trip to the supplier to finalise the transaction.

Please contact us for further discussions regarding your requirements.


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Last update : 01/04/2007