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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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And they grow and just keep growing

Don't believe anyone, when they tell you that the cute little snake you are looking at, wont grow that big, many Pythons and Green Anaconda's reach a large adult size . To give you a few examples a Reticulated Python can reach 7-9 meters in length (see further info), the African Rock Python can reach 6m (see further info), the Burmese Python 6 meters (see further info) and the Green Anaconda 6-8 meters.(see further info)

All these snakes can reach significant size and have significant sized teeth. A 35kg African Rock Python can subdue a 35 kg Impala in the wild. See our section on large snakes large meals.

A Burmese python can grow up to a meter a year in the first three years but this all depends on how much it eats. But don't think you can starve the snake because then it will be hungry and will go for anything warm and moving e.g. your hand or face!

For The full story behind this picture- Click Here.

None of the pythons above are very good for a beginner, you should rather start with a Ball Python, Corn, King, Milk or Rat snake. These snakes don't become too large and they cant harm you in any serious way.

Remember that these are inherently wild animals and are unpredictable. Small children and family pets must be kept far away from large snakes as they could be viewed as potential food sources. If over three meters, they should never be handled alone.

There are a number of cases where pet snakes have killed children in the house. Large snakes should not be allowed to roam freely in the home but should be kept in a secure well ventilated, purpose designed enclosure, such as a spare room. But this adds to the cost of ownership, as the cost of setting up the enclosure, heating, ventilation and feeding all become an expensive problem.

I am not saying to everyone not to get any of these snakes just know what your getting into. I have Burmese pythons and they are great snakes and haven't given me much problems. But I have also had some good hits from my 2.5-3m Burms. Luckily, only my hands and ankle. A friend of mine had his nose bitten by his 1.5m Yellow Anaconda. The fact that he was recovering from a recent major surgery on his nose, did not help matters at all. These things do happen and one must remain aware of the potential danger at all times.

If you study snakes carefully you can maybe anticipate what they going to do, by looking at their body posture, but do not bet on it.

OK, so this advice was not available or you thought you could handle a big herp, but now find you have to get rid of it. However, not many people want a giant like this. Please do not release it in the wild. We will attempt to find a home for it. This is not a quick and easy solution and we do not guarantee satisfaction but we will try.

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Last update : 01/04/2007