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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 4. Information & care sheets and the Section: Getting started - for the beginner

Introduction and Index : Getting started - for the beginner

In this section on : Getting started - for the beginner we present articles and links relative to information for the beginner on reptiles and their captive husbandry.

Unforumately there is no short cut to acquiring the information that one needs prior to buying your first pet reptile.


By default all links listed hereunder, open in a new page.

1. Keeping reptiles as pets : An overview for beginners
A quick over view and insight into what information we have available from this website.
2. And they grow and just keep growing
An article and further links dealing with the size some snakes grow to and the complexities in dealing with such large and strong snakes.
3. Equipment required
Deals with the following subjects:-
Secure and safe enclosure
Size of enclosure
Heating and Lighting
Temperature regulation
Creating interest displays
4. Feeding requirements
This page deals with the basic feeding requirements of snakes as well as some further links on the husbandry of feeder animals.
5. General care and housekeeping
A series of links to assist with some general back ground on the care and husbandary of snakes.
General Snake Care Sheet by Rep Vet
Snakes - General Hints and Tricks By
General Care for Snakes By Paul Hollander
General Care for Snakes By Bill Root & Paul Hollander
Handling Reptiles by Melissa Kaplan
Taming and Training Reptiles FAQ by Melissa Kaplan
Finding Escaped Snakes in the House by Melissa Kaplan
Guide to reptile and amphibian care. Middlesex County Library
Community Access Project Internet guides
6. Health issues
A brief introduction to the subject on the health of snakes.
7. Legal requirements
A brief overview of legal requirements in South Africa
8. Buying your first Reptile
A brief overview of some good starter snakes and a few tips
9. Some Professional Advice for the beginner.
Professional Advice for the beginner written by the staff of the Reptile House at Woodland Park Zoo.
Advice from Pet Care & Wildlife Information
Information on Snakes, Lizards, Frogs and Turtle & Tortoise Species for the beginner.
Definitive Guide to Reptiles
Some basic facts on various reptiles. Good back ground reading, and pleanty of, for the beginner.

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Last update : 20/05/2007