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Last updated : 13/08/2006

Index to care sheets by species

The following table provides multiple links to care sheets for each of the reptile species. More that one link on each species is provided, as reviewing of more than one care sheet, may assist in providing a broader understanding of the species and ensure there are no contradictions contained within the care sheets.

Note: All links on this page open in new window, so more than one can be loaded at a time.

Table of links to care sheets by species

Specimen Scientific Name More Info Care Sheet links
African Fat Tail Hemitheconyx caudicinctus   NERD
Leopard Eublepharis macularis   NERD
White-Throated Varanus albigularis albigularis


Daniel Bennett , Daniel Bennett
Black-Throated Varanus albigularis Ionidesi   Central , Daniel Bennett , Proexotic
Savanna Varanus exanthematicus   Calzoo , Daniel Bennett , Daniel Bennett , SnS
Sand - Kenyan (Anerythristic) Eryx colubrinus loveridgei   King , Reptile House
Common B.c.constrictor   Melissa , Reptile House , Reptile House (Red Tail) , Reptile House (common) , Reptilia Inc , VPI , WNYH
Rubber Charina bottae   ANO
Rosy Charina trivirgata   ANO , Coloherp , Melissa , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc , VPI
Sand - West African Charina reinhardtii   King , Reptilia Inc
Anacondas Yellow Eunectes notaeus   NERD
Anacondas Green Eunectes murinus   NERD
Emerald Tree Corallus caninus   ANO , King , Reptile House , SnS
Rainbow Brazilian E.c.cenchria   ANO , Coloherp , NERD
Hog Island B.c.sigma   Central , SnS
Rainbow Colombian E.c.maurus   Central , Coloherp , NERD , Reptile House , Repvet
Dumeril's Boa Dumerili   ANO , Central , Classic Dum's , Reptile House , SnS
Sand - Kenyan Eryx colubrinus loveridgei   King , Melissa , SnS , WNYH
Corn Elaphe guttata   Melissa , Reptile House , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc , WNYH
King - Californian Lampropeltis getula californiae   Central , Milisssa , Reptilia Inc , WNYH
King - Florida     Central
Rat - Yellow Elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata   Central , Reptile House
Rat - Texas (Leucistic) Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri   Central
African Rock Python sebae'   NERD , Reptile House
Amethystine Morelia amethistina   Central
Children's Antaresia childreni   ANO , Central
Green Tree Morelia viridis   ANO , Central , Finegtp , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc , Whozoo
Burmese Python molurus bivittatus   Melissa , NERD , Reptilia Inc , WNYH
Ball Python regius   King , Melissa , NERD , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc , VPI , WNYH
Blood Sumatra Python curtus curtus   Reptile House , VPI , Whozoo
Blood Borneo Python curtus breitensteini   NERD , Reptile House , VPI
Jungle Carpet Morelia spilota cheynei   VPI , WNYH
Diamond Morelia spilota spilota   Central
Carpet Morelia spilota   NERD , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc , VPI
Carpet - Irian Jaya Morelia spilota form   Repti , VPI
Reticulated Python reticulatus   NERD , Reptile House , Reptilia Inc


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Last update : 13/08/2006