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Last updated : 01/04/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 4. Information & care sheets and the Section: Care Sheets

Care sheets for pet reptiles: Overview

We have provided links to care sheets for pet reptiles, in our section 8. Links - Species Specific, where each reptile species that are common in the pet trade, are dealt with in detail, to the extent that we are now possibly the best website to do research on a specific reptile species with regard to its captive care. This has taken a huge investment in time and which will be ongoing, so we trust that you find this resource useful.

8. Links - Species Specific

In this section we deal with each species and provide links relative to the species under the following headings:-

Natural Habitat - Information on the species in its natural environment.

Captive care - Information on the captive care, feeding, housing and breeding of the species.

Breeders - The breeders who are internationally renowned for their expertise in breeding the species, as well as retailers who trade in the species.

Pictures - Any website that have exceptional pictures that depict the species and the variation in colors.

More - Any other links that are similar to the above, and add value or content in more general terms.

Other - Any other information that is applicable to the species, such as expected results from bites or instances where the species has been found to be invasive.

Taxonomy - The relevant Taxonomy information on the species.,


When reading information on the internet, be careful what you assume as fact . Anybody can sit and type up information and publish it on the internet. That does mean it is factually correct. And yes, that includes us, but at least we do try and get our facts right.

For this reason we provide more than one link on each species and although it is difficult with the number of care sheets we are linking to we have read each one and have disregarded those that are grossly inaccurate. So please browse through these links read and get confirmation form a different source before assuming as fact.

If a care sheet, that we have provided a direct link to, is very inaccurate, please advise us so that we can take suitable corrective action.

In this Section

In addition the the above, we also have links to care sheets that are arranged as follows:-

2. Links to care sheets by species

On this page we provide links to care sheets in respect of the species we were targeting as potential imports.  A choice of different care sheets are provided for each of the species, which enables the user to select the species and follow links to a number of care sheets on that species. Provides fast access to over 147 care sheets.

We now provide cross references from this page to the our section 8. Links - Species Specific, in which we deal with the Genus in far more detail.

3. Links to Care Sheet providers- snakes 

On this page we provide links to other websites that provide a number of good quality care sheets on snakes. Some cover other pets as well but  mainly provide care sheets in respect of the general care of captive reptiles.

4. Care of SA indigenous Non-venomous Snakes

Under this topic, we list the SA indigenous snakes that are kept in captivity and provide a cross reference to the Genus under the section 8. Links - Species Specific.

Venomous Snakes

Care of Venomous Snakes including South African indigenous Venomous Snakes have been dealt with under "40. Venomous Snakes- Species"


In order to convert temperatures and measurements we have provided two links at the top of our main page, one on the left and one on the right, which will open a nice little utilities which allows you to convert imperial to metric or visa versa.


We have added a link to climatic data so that if you know where your pet originates from, you can look up the climatic conditions in that area. Every country and data from all  major weather collection points in each country are provided.

Temperatures are shown in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade    Go To data


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Last update : 01/04/2007