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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Reptile portal - fastest growing reptile portal


At the time of writing, this reptile portal has over 4000 links to various sites and articles, covering information about reptiles as pets, and in their natural environment. So whether you are looking for information on a specific reptile pet or reptiles in general, we cover all aspects such as, pictures of reptiles, information on reptiles for homework projects or assignments, of breeders and retailers, of care sheets and husbandry, venomous, invasive, and threatened species, information providers, exotic pet forums, educators, societies and clubs, just to mention a few.  

By carefully arranging the information under logical headings, users are able to drill down to links of potential interest very quickly, as all these links are grouped in one place under the relevant subject heading. We feel that our presentation method is guaranteed to save you hours of searching the internet for information on reptiles.  

Secondly, we have catered for the demand for information on reptiles in a specific locality by having a country specific section, in which data relative to that country is presented. Where we can, we indicate or arrange data by Sate or Province so that specific locality based information, which is of specific interest can be accessed.

Lastly we only provide links to quality sites. In other words, the content, layout, navigation needs to be of reasonably good standard and secondly where websites are offering goods for sale that the physical location of the business is clearly stated. This ensures that your experience in browsing the links we have provided, is a enjoyable and productive one.

Currently we aim to update our site weekly so there is always something new. You will also note very little flashy advertising gimmicks on our site. This is the way we would like to keep it but as demands are made band width we will have to secure some method of funding to support the costs of this site.

More on this website and are domains owned by Reptilia Traders cc

This web site is designed to 

This information should be of interest to the youngster who wants to own their first reptilian pet, students who need to do home work projects, and useful for the more experienced reptile hobbyists to find new information, so as to further their knowledge, and to find their favorite sites.

As an industry we stand accused of lacking the required expertise to raise captive reptiles. We hope to play a small part in correcting this situation by making a wealth of information that is available, easy to access.

There are some very good and informative sites and we are not that pretentious to try and better their content. But there is a lot of good information hidden amongst the junk on the internet. We have spent days, weeks and months reviewing content in an effort to separate the good from the bad, so that when you follow one of our links you should not be too disappointed. This process will continue and new links will be added as they are advised or as we find them.

We also host free web pages for South African Herpetological associations and clubs.

Our method of presentation is unique and we welcome comments and suggestions to improve the general format and operation of the site as well as any suggested additions or removal of links, so please feel free to contact us

For more information on the method of presentations see: Web Master and Help

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Last update : 01/04/2007