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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Reptile website promotion

We provide free links to reptile websites. This includes commercial traders, breeders, information providers, academic research institutes, accessories providers, herpetological clubs, zoo and parks. So if you own or are the webmaster of such a site why not ask us for a link to your website. It is a free service and we will attend to your request within 8 days.

The only condition is that we reserve the right to have sole discretion as to the positioning of the link within our website and to decide if the site is of sufficiently good quality to be listed. Quality standards include matters such as content, last update, contact details, legal entity (sole trader, inc etc), ease of navigation etc.

Up till now we have been doing research on good reptile sites and added the links to these sites. This is extremely time consuming and we would be able to expand the content of the site a lot faster, if site owners submitted the sites for listing. However, unlike other sites that have attempted the same thing, we do not sit back and wait for user to register their sites online.

Immediate future plans include the following.

  1. Each country will have its own section in which all the relevant reptile websites and information within the country will be listed. In this section a banner adverts will be provided if a reciprocal link is provided to our website. This is currently working very well with many users being referred to the relevant sites, with what can only assume, relative ease.

  2. Our section on reptile species is progressing well and we are getting very good exposure from Yahoo. In this section we list breeders of the species and of the Genus in general. Here again a banner advert will be provided if a reciprocal link is provided to our website. In addition the introduction page to the species is available to be sponsored by a reputable breeder of the species.

Longer Term Plans

  1. Main site sponsors will be considered. This would suit an international corporation that is active in the reptile industry or who would like to be associated with promoting awareness and protection of reptiles and their natural environment.

  2. The links for the USA are well in progress, but this is a huge task and although the presentation method and our ability to deal with the volume of these links is well in hand, this is still going to take some time and may require us to give the layout and organization of subject matter, continual attention.

Please feel free to discuss your individual requirements with us. 


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Last update : 01/04/2007