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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Reptile brokering service.

This is an area in which we would like to participate. With the aid of sophisticated software we have created a database of international and local breeders, which enables us to quickly establish, which breeders will more likely than not have the rare specimen that is required. This data base is being continually updated with new data as it becomes available, so if you have something special that you are breeding, it will be to your advantage to ensure you are listed on this data base so that we can refer clients to you.

We created this database so that the information would be available when we needed to find specimens for our import business.

Secondly, having been through a difficult information gathering process myself, I feel there is a need to record and understand the trends in the industry, both locally and internationally.  So this data is also being logged and analyzed.  What we have noticed is that the prices of some species are dropping others are way over priced.

Service to South African buyers and sellers.

We provide the following services:

Service to Zoo's

We provide a very special and confidential service to zoos, in the acquisition, disposal or swopping to reptiles between zoos and between zoos and reputable breeders who will continue to further the conservation ethic. We prefer not to deal in the physical handling of the reptiles, as this only adds to the unnecessary stress to the animals. We do however believe that whoever we deal with, shall not be an unknown individual on the internet. Reputation, public disclosure of identity, traceable references, and track record are minimum requirements. Please submit your contact details if you would like to dispose or acquire specimens in total confidence. 

Yes, we are new in this game and have seen that the brokering business has a tarnished record. Lets hope that in time we become an example in the industry and that will be our objective.

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Last update : 01/04/2007