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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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Our standards and ethics

Having invested a substantial amount of money, time and effort in this business we believe that it is  both a matter of good practice, to firstly protect our investment and secondly to ensure that our activities do not, in any way, contribute to a future environmental problem.

Therefore, we have formulated the following standards that we hereby commit ourselves to:-

1. All stock sold shall be:-

2. We prefer not to import snakes that are expected to grow to an adult size, which exceeds 4 meters.

The situation in the USA is that unwanted and unmanageable pets are being released in parks and country areas. We do not want this situation to occur in South Africa.

If however, you can satisfy us that you have the facilities and skill to handle a snake larger than this, we will firstly try and locate one locally from one of our many contacts failing which we will import a quality specimen on your behalf.

3. We prefer to supply breeding pairs which are from diverse blood lines, so  to prevent future inferior offspring. If we don't have separate blood lines of a specific species, we suggest you purchase one of the sexes available and we will import the other sex, from a different blood line.

4. Records of all sales will identify the blood line as recorded by us.

5. We will endeavor to promote the local captive breeding of indigenous species.

In order for this to be achieved breeding pairs are required.

If they are not available locally, we will import suitable specimens.

If there is a shortage in supply overseas , we will only import if we are satisfied that they will be applied to a breeding program.

In this small way we hope to :-

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Last update : 01/04/2007