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Last updated : 25 June 2006

This index contains all topics that have been added or amended to this site to date. All topics are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Reptilepets web site. Any topic can be viewed by clicking the linked text in the "Detail" column. This page can be searched with your browser's "Find" option. (press "Ctrl & F").

Aspect Section Detail

0. Index & about this site 2. Update History 1. Last Update

1. About us and contacts 4. Services we provide This Web site and future plans

3. Accessories & Supplies Feeder Suppliers - RSA Feeder - ( Guateng
Wizzard Worms - Garden Earth Worms & Breeder Units

Free Software (PC) : House Keeping etc. Various applications- Listed by Northern Reptiles

Software Support(PC + Networks) 1. Overview in this section

4. Information & care sheets Care Sheets WorldWide Snakes - Good information site

5. Other interesting stuff Picture Galleries (Pics of Lizards & Crocs)
Bill Love - Blue Chameleon Ventures (Madagascar) - Lazette Gifford -Reptiles,1,2,3

6. Notice Boards & Forums 2. News & Information Herpetological News Columns by Ellin Beltz

8. Links - General Species - Boas - Rosy Boas-Lichanura trivirgata

Species - Chameleons Flapneck Chameleons care sheets

Species - Lizards & Geckos Bearded - Dragon links

Species - Turtle and Tortoise Leopard Tortoises in Captivity

Tours and Training Snake - Reptile tours in South Africa

8. Links - Reptile Parks 2. Other African Reptile Parks Chobe Snake Park - Botswana

8. Links - Reptile Traders Buy South African - Guateng Lizard Eden - Bearded Dragons & Leopard Breeders

Buy South African - KwaZulu-Natal -

International - Boa's & Pythons Henry Piorun Reptiles (Canada)

International - General Northern Reptiles - UK (Care sheets

International - Lizards, Geckos etc Leopard

9. Links - Country Specific United Kingdom Educational Websites
Gov Authorites & Legal
Herp Soc & Clubs
Herp Vets
Reptile Websites (NES)
Rescue & Protection
Traders : Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites
Traders : Breeders
Traders : Retailers
Traders : Wholesale

10. Natural Environment Academic Research - RSA Cape Fold Mountain herpetofauna
Reptile Diversity - Prof Mouton & A. Alblas (pdf)
University of Pretoria - Zoology and Entomology

Organisations: International EnviroLink Network
World Conservation Union (ICUN)

Species - Chameleons Under the charm of chameleons

Species - Lizards Lizards in Cederberg Area - By Cape Nature
Sexy lizards! - Article by Dr. Martin Whiting

Species - Snakes - Indigenous to RSA Snakes in Cederberg Area - By Cape Nature

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Last updated : 25 June 2006