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Last updated : 03 Decmeber 2006

This index contains all topics that have been added or amended to this site in the last update. All topics are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Reptilepets web site. Any topic can be viewed by clicking the linked text in the "Detail" column. This page can be searched with your browser's "Find" option. (press "Ctrl & F").

Aspect Section Detail

0. Index & about this site 2. Update History - this year 75. Update dated 26 November 2006

4. Information & care sheets Health Issues Regurgitated meal causes skin rot.

Terms, definitions & names Common Names / Scientific Names - Reptile House

5. Other interesting stuff Our Friends and Tools on the WWW Index Unlimited - Online website directory

Picture Galleries Our Photo Library

Websites for teachers Sites for Teachers: lots of links websites with help for teachers

6. Notice Boards & Forums 2. News & Information Snakebite victims getting wrong first aid - November 20, 2006

12. Species specific reptile forums Species specific reptile forums
Craving Carpets (devoted to Carpet Pythons)
The Albigularis Site - (Monitor Lizards)

8. Links - Species Specific Snakes: Pythons 8. Scrub Python( Morelia amethistina)

Lizards: Other Species 8. Desert Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos)
8. Frilled Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)

9. Links - Country Specific Central Amerca - Mexico to Panama Aruba Island Rattlesnake - Fact Sheet - Woodland Park Zoo
Chiquita Nature & Community Project
Reptiles - Belize Biodiversity Information System
Tropical Snakes of Belize

40. Venomous Snakes - Info Venom & Antivenom Products etc. Global Crisis Solution Center - List of Antivenom Suppliers

40. Venomous Snakes- Species Taipan Coastal Taipan In Captivity

45. Other Exotic Pets Spiders & Tarantulas Tarantula' Burrow - UK

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Last updated : 03 Decmeber 2006