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Last updated : 14/04/2007

This index contains all topics that have been added or amended to this site in the last update. All topics are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Reptilepets web site. Any topic can be viewed by clicking the linked text in the "Detail" column. This page can be searched with your browser's "Find" option. (press "Ctrl & F").

Aspect Section Detail

0. Index & about this site 2. Update History - this year 85. Update dated 08 April 2007

5. Info. for students & teachers Unusual Snakes and Reptiles 'Chameleon' snake can turn white in minutes
Rare Two-Headed Tortoise Found in South Africa

6. Notice Boards & Forums 12. Species specific reptile forums Ratsnake Foundation

8. Links - Species Specific 1. Introduction 3. Reptile Genus index

Snakes: Colubrids 8. Rat Snakes (Cave Dwelling)(Elaphe taeniura ridlei)
8. Taiwan Beauty Snake (Elaphe taeniura friesi)

Turtle and Tortoise Empire of the Turtle -FL, USA

9. Links - Country Specific European Economic Community(NES) Rare - Holland

40. Venomous Snakes- Species 1. Overview & General Care Sheets Venomous Reptile Genus index

Cobra Spitting Asian Cobras (Naja sp.)

End of Index

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Last updated : 15 April 2007