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Last updated : 22/04/2007

This index contains all topics that have been added or amended to this site in the last update. All topics are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Reptilepets web site. Any topic can be viewed by clicking the linked text in the "Detail" column. This page can be searched with your browser's "Find" option. (press "Ctrl & F").

Aspect Section Detail

8. Links - Species Specific Alligators and Crocodiles 8. Dwarf Caiman

Snakes: Boas 8. Sonoran Desert Boa Constrictors (Boa constrictor imperator)

Lizards: Chameleons 9. Rieppeleon brevicaudatus (Bearded Pygmy Chameleons)
9. Sand Fire : Pygmy Chameleons

9. Links - Country Specific Africa Arusha National Park (Tanzania) - Field Guide (2.6 MB PDF)

European Economic Community(NES) CB - Italy

Mexico Biodiversity of Mexico - reptiles

40. Venomous Snakes - Info 2. Links - General The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Page

Medical Files Medical Encyclopedia Info on Snakebite

45. Other Exotic Pets International - General - Invertebrates Purdue University - Entomology Links: approved websites

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Last updated : 22 April 2007